At Hi Pilates, we prioritise your progress and growth, providing personalised programs
depending on your fitness journey. Our dedicated instructors have carefully curated various
programs to help you get back on your feet stronger than ever. Embrace the diversity of our offerings and choose what resonates with you each day. We take pride in our wide range of classes and provide flexible alternatives to meet your individual needs:
DYNAMICExperience a dynamic full-body workout blending traditional reformer Pilates principles with innovative and progressive techniques.

Perfect if you like a high-energy, vibrant and fun class experience. Great for newbies | All levels welcome

POWERThe optimal mix of cardio, strength and core training. Total body workout combining Pilates exercise, cardio and body weight to increase your heart rate and fitness level. By the end of the class, you’ll feel rejuvenated and empowered.

Perfect if you like high-intensity workouts. Reformer experience required

ALIGNA full-body classical Pilates class on the reformer, emphasising essential principles: breathing, concentration, centring, control, precision and flow.

Perfect if you want a slower-paced class with more alignment focus. Great for newbies | All levels welcome

JUMPBOARDA full-body workout with the secret weapon – Jumpboard on. Expect some jumps while lying down the reformers.

Perfect if you’d like some jump. All levels welcome

STRETCHIndulge in a restorative class with soothing, feel-good movements.

Perfect if you like Yin Yoga. Great for newbies | All levels welcome

UPPER+COREStrengthen and sculpt your core and upper body precisely in this dynamic Pilates reformer class.

Perfect if you like to target and strengthen your arm, shoulder, back and core muscles. All levels welcome

BOTTY+COREStrengthen and sculpt your core and lower body precisely in this dynamic Pilates reformer class.

Perfect if you like to target and strengthen your butt, leg and core muscles. All levels welcome


Intro Offer 5 Classes For $50 (valid 14 days from first class)

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