?✨ Flo Strength: The Perfect Restart for Mums! ✨?

Hey Mums! Ever felt that yearning to rediscover the strength and confidence you once felt before the beautiful chaos of motherhood? You’re not alone. As mums, it’s common to put our needs on the back burner to attend to our little ones. But it’s essential to remember that caring for yourself is equally as vital, not just of you but for your entire family.

Flo Strength is not just a gym; it’s a community. Whether you’re a mum yearning to reclaim her confidence after childbirth or a dad aiming to keep fit alongside his better half, we’re your sanctuary. Here’s why:

? Child-Friendly Sessions: Your little one’s safety and happiness are our priority. Our dedicated crèche allows mums to engage fully in our group classes, knowing their bundles of joy are in capable hands.

? Holistic Health Benefits: Beyond physical fitness, exercise post-childbirth can rebuild confidence, enhance mood, re-energize the body, and even promote better sleep. At Flo Strength, we’re committed to nurturing these aspects of your well-being.

? Build Connections: Surround yourself with a supportive community of mums, dads, and fitness enthusiasts. Share experiences, forge friendships, and cheer each other on, every step of the way.

? Mums & Bubs Classes: We’ve tailored a slot just for our incredible mums: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 10:30 am. Dive into these sessions and bond with other mothers on a similar journey.

? Transition with Ease: We understand that motherhood involves transitions. Start with our personal training if group classes feel daunting. And as life’s rhythm changes, like returning to work, we have early morning and evening classes to seamlessly fit your schedule.

?‍?‍? Everyone’s Welcome: While we adore our mums, the gents aren’t forgotten! Husbands and partners, come join in, be part of our tight-knit, friendly community, and 2qwyhuwqshare the fitness journey.hj

Join the Flo Strength family today, where everyone belongs and every fitness dream is valid. Together, let’s create healthier, happier versions of ourselves! ?

Ready to embark on this journey? Contact us to find out more!


We would love to offer a free trial for anyone coming for the Northshore Mums group, just make sure you mention it to us when you get in touch. 

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