Bone Fit Exercise Physiology specialises in exercise for the management and treatment of low bone density and osteoporosis.

Exercise physiologists are university qualified allied health professionals who prescribe exercise interventions to those with health conditions, injuries, or disability. At Bone Fit, we have a special interest in working with people with osteopenia or osteoporosis and are especially committed to our continued education in this area.

Exercise is a vital component of treatment for anyone with low bone density and we prescribe exercises to assist with pain, improve posture, build bone density, strengthen muscles, improve balance and reduce fracture risk.

We see a wide range of clientele, from the shocked newly diagnosed athletic individual to the elderly woman with severe osteoporosis and multiple fractures. Each client is prescribed an exercise program that is safe, backed by evidence and unique to their circumstances.

At our gym-based clinic in West Pymble, we provide both private consultations and small group classes. We are licenced to run the Onero program which is a group program consisting of high intensity resistance exercise and we also have our own Bone Builder Program which is for those wanting something less intense or even home based.

Build Confidence. Build Strength. Build Bone. Prevent Fractures. And have Fun doing it.

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