Video work-out: Standing abdominals to flatten the tummy


Some of the things I hear mums talk about a lot is losing their ‘mummy tummy’ or ‘baby pooch’ or ‘flattening their tummy’, says Jackie Steele from Body Beyond Birth. But there is something mums can do about it.

As mums, we understand it’s not always easy to schedule time for ourselves to do that all-important work-out! However, it’s really beneficial to try to fit at least a little bit of exercise into each day – or at least most days. It might only be five or 10 minutes of exercise, but that little bit of something is way better than doing nothing at all! Most importantly, doing regular exercise instils a healthy habit.

To help you achieve overall fitness, you need to target key areas of your body. This exercise video, which shows you how to target your abdominals while standing, is fewer than five minutes long. You can choose to follow it once or challenge yourself and do the exercise several times each day. It is totally safe, even if you have an abdominal separation (rectus diastasis). And, as this exercise involves no mats or other equipment, you can even squeeze it in while you’re cooking, watching the kids in the bath … the possibilities are endless. Just remember to keep your core turned on and focus on good technique. 

If you would like to see more exercises that target other areas of your body, visit Body Beyond Birth. Body Beyond Birth is the only physio-designed online health and fitness program tailored for mums to help get them healthy and strong. Why not sign up for a FREE seven-day trial?

We’d love to hear how exercise has helped you tone your tummy. Reveal all in the comments section below.

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