Manuwi Track at Garigal National Park: Scenic child-friendly bushwalk!

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Outdoor activities are a wonderful respite from lockdown, or at any time of the year! We visited Manuwi Track Trail

Whether you’re in the thick of the school holidays, or looking to break up the weekend, there’s always a need for some nearby outdoor places to explore. If you’re looking for a local place that is perfect for kids, easily accessible and has plenty of walking tracks waiting for you to discover, then head to Garigal National Park.

Manuwi Track bushwalk in Garigal National Park is the perfect bushwalk for children. Garigal National Park offers easy and accessible bushwalks for all kinds of hikers. This includes beautiful scenic walks with breathtaking views that are even possible with prams, for those in wheelchairs or for older people.

signpost to Manuwi trail

Manuwi Track is at the end of Wellington Rd, East Lindfield and passes river views and beautiful viewpoints

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From river glimpses to treetops, Manuwi Track bushwalk takes in so much of our unique landscape

Garigal National Park is a protected national park that is located within the North Shore and Forest District regions of Sydney. You’ll find the Manuwi Track bushwalk inside, located at the end of Wellington Road, East Lindfield. It’s possibly one of the shortest tracks we have ever been on, but it’s already a new favourite!

Accessing the trail is simple. There’s loads of free street parking on Wellington Road and then it’s just a short walk (or push of the pram!) on to the trail. The track-trail is just a short 1.6km, overlooking the lake at Davidson Park.

davidson park trails

There’s beautiful wide tracks with moderate inclines and towering trees along the way during Manuwi Track bushwalk

The easy 1.6km walk is the perfect spot to wander through greenery and just breathe in some lovely fresh air. Once on the track, you’ll be instantly mesmerised by blue skies showing through the trees on clear days, the touch of a light breeze and the sun shining overhead. I never wanted to leave!

Once you’re done with your walk, you can support local and pickup takeaway from nearby eateries to take home with you, like Dukes Green Cafe, Joe’s Pizzeria Arax, or Knob Khun Thai.

Garigal national park hiking

Dotted along the track-trail are many lookout points from where you can take in the beautiful views

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The Manuwi Track bushwalk will boost your spirits with its wide open spaces and the open sky overhead, plus  fresh air!

If you’re feeling more adventurous and you’re able, you could try one of the many other tracks branching off from Manuwi Track, such as:

  • Two Creeks Track
  • Little Digger Track
  • The track toward Echo Point Park

For those areas, you’ll encounter harder walks and stairs for an added challenge. We were content staying on the easier track, so you might be too!

east lindfield walks

For tracks beyond Manuwi Track, short staircases present more challenges

Essential Details: Manuwi Track bushwalk, Garigal National Park

  • Park: Park your car at the end of Wellington Road in East Lindfield
  • Distance: 1.6km (each way)
  • More Information: National Parks | 1300 072 757 |
  • Nearby eateries:
    • Dukes Green Cafe, 5 Hughes Place, East Lindfield
    • Khob Khun Thai, 308 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield
    • Joe’s Pizzeria Arax, 5 Tryon Pl, Lindfield

More out and about on the North Shore:


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