The secret to a good night’s sleep (with the right mattress)

Happy united family testing mattress in store, lying on back
Happy united family testing mattress in store, lying on back

Once you become a mum you suddenly find yourself with a brand-new craving….a proper night’s sleep! And while lots of parents abandon all hope of ever getting a good night’s rest after having kids, thanks to night feeds, night wakings, bed sharing and everything in between, smart mums, on the other hand, know there is a secret way to help you snooze the night away! Here’s the secret to a good night’s sleep.

Want to wake up refreshed after a deep, peaceful sleep? Finding your ‘perfect match’ for a proper sleep is key. You wouldn’t bother with a potential partner who tried to woo you without romance, so why muck around with a mattress that doesn’t accommodate your body and sleep habits? Choosing a mattress that caters to your every curve is the difference between tossing and turning or slumbering all night.

Of course, with so many different options, it can be tough to even know where to start, or what to look for in a mattress.

secret to a good night's sleep

While there’s no rule to picking mattress size, consider whether you bedshare with kids (or pets!)

Size matters! Choosing dimensions

What’s the ideal mattress size? Australians have plenty of options to choose from, but choosing dimensions is about more than just making sure your feet aren’t hanging over the edge of the bed. It’s equally important to consider how much free space your mattress will leave in the bedroom so you create a sense of space and a comforting environment.

While there’s no universal rule to picking a perfect mattress size, consider:

  • Your sense of personal space
  • Your height and weight
  • Your sleeping partners ( like kids, pets or significant other!)

The heat is on! Heat retention

Like people in other modern nations, Australians often suffer from poor sleep, especially in warmer climates or in the hotter seasons. Lower temperatures can improve the quality of your rest, so it pays to find a mattress that keeps you sufficiently cool.

Look for a mattress that includes multiple layers and built-in air circulation channels, which may be more effective at releasing and regulating body heat during sleep. The best beds are designed to keep you at a stable, comfortable temperature no matter what time of year it is so that you can get more consistent rest.

Weighing it up: Opting for a lighter mattress

Most people only consider their mattress’ width, thickness and height, but its weight is also important. Whether you’re a passionate practitioner of Feng Shui or simply fond of changing your surroundings occasionally, being able to rearrange your bedroom is a big part of keeping a fresh perspective, so opt for something manageable if you want the option to move your bed.  As well, cleaning will be less hassle when you (or your partner or kids) can easily move the bed to get those trickier spots.

The lightest mattresses are foam – these are significantly lighter in addition to being far comfier and quieter than spring-filled alternatives. This distinction makes them ideal for dusting and vacuuming.

secret to a good night's sleep

Waterproof mattresses are suited to Australia’s climate-induced humidity, keeping cool all night

High and dry: Water protection

We all know that if you give a kid a glass of juice, the chances are good that they’ll spill it! So make sure your home and bed are spillproof and stainproof. A spill-repelling mattress means you don’t have to stress about nighttime accidents when the kids are toilet training, spilled drinks, or for expectant mums, you can rest easy knowing that if your water breaks your mattress will be completely safe and kept dry, rather than dealing with a wet, soggy and possibly salvageable mattress right when you have other things on your mind (the imminent arrival of your baby!). Waterproof mattresses are also much better suited to Australia’s climate-induced humidity, keeping you cool and comfortable through those hot hot nights!

Changing sides: Get a mattress guarantee

Most parents are smart spenders and budget carefully, spending money on worthwhile things, designed to last. A mattress is one such important purchase, with the right choice providing years of relaxed, peaceful sleep. So ensure you are makin te right investment by choosing mattress provider who offers a warranty. As a minimum, you should receive 10 to 15 years’ worth of coverage by default.

Make it personal! Custom firmness and adjustable settings

An adjustable or custom firmness design isn’t just for couples who can’t agree on the ideal sleeping conditions! Anyone who wants to achieve the best possible sleep setup should opt for an adjustable mattress firmness, one specifically tailored to your own comfort (whether you’re a sink-into-softness person or prefer a lovely firm surface for support during sleep!)

All mums work hard, in lots of different ways each day. Choosing a bed with adjustable settings means you can change your firmness to reward your tired body after a long day chasing kids, running errands, doing workouts or commuting to the office. When you’re dealing with aches after a long day, being able to change your settings lets you get to sleep faster! And let’s face it,  the kids probably aren’t likely to appreciate how tough your day might have been, so invest in something rewards you with that precious sleep-inducing luxury no matter what the day held.

Special delivery! Make your mattress come to you

Life is already hectic when you’re trying to keep kids on time for appointments, take classes, shop or simply run a household that doesn’t feel like a combat zone. Mattress companies that deliver at the time and place of your choosing are a step above the norm because they don’t force you to rearrange your entire schedule merely to get some shuteye. It probably doesn’t hurt that they make you feel like a queen either.

Perfect ‘match’-ress: Picking your partner

Choosing the right mattress is about knowing how you sleep, and selecting an option that creates the ideal conditions. Pay close attention to what you dislike about your current bed before making the switch. Then, take the plunge! And, depending on where you live, you may even be able to have your old mattress removed and recycled for free, so what’s your excuse for not getting better sleep? Find yourself a mattress and you’ll be headed to dreamland on a soft white cloud.

Find out more about getting the rest you deserve by visiting the Ecosa website, and find yourself a mattress that’s engineered and designed just right for better nights.


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