Playground Review: Buffalo Creek Reserve, Hunters Hill


If you have kids who love exploring, then Buffalo Creek Reserve in Hunters Hill is a playground worth visiting! From climbing equipment and swings to bike tracks, bush walks and more, our reviewer Felicity Frankish shares what makes this outdoor space perfect for families… 

A friend recently invited us to come and check out Buffalo Creek Reserve with her and her son – and to make sure I packed their scooters or bikes (I’m glad I did). I loaded up the car with Vivi (3) and Elliot (2), along with their scooters and ride ons, and headed there straight after school drop off. Here’s what we found.

Getting to Buffalo Creek Reserve

Buffalo Creek Reserve

We headed to Buffalo Creek Reserve straight after school drop off and had a nice and easy drive. It took us about 25 minutes to get to Hunters Hills from Wahroonga, heading down Ryde Road.

Parking is nice and easy too. There’s plenty of spots as soon as you turn into the park, so you can unload the kids onto the grass ready to go and play. This made it nice and easy and meant we could leave the pram behind! It’s timed parking (3 hours), but completely free.

Bike & Scooter Track

Vivi and Elliot hit the scooter track as soon as they arrived – and I can’t blame them. Vivi was on her scooter, while I brought a three-wheel trike for Elliot to push his way around.

It’s just like a mini road, which had Vivi just loved. There’s stop signs, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and more. We all had great fun playing pretend, as I took on the role of the pedestrian crossing the road, hoping they were going to stop!

There’s even a little cubby house along the route, where the kids had fun stopping off, parking their ‘vehicles’, heading inside and exploring. All before hitting the road once again.

Play area for kids


In the middle of the scooter/bike track at Buffalo Creek Reserve is a playground area full of plenty of equipment for kids to have fun on.

Elliot ventured straight over the to the mini climbing equipment, which was perfect for his age. It even has a little mini slide at the end. He needed a little help making it over the bridge (it wobbles as you go), but otherwise had fun climbing up and down.

Buffalo Creek Reserve

Vivi beelined straight for the tall slide. She was able to get up on her own, climb over the net and make it down the slide – and she was proud of herself for it. It’s not the type of equipment parents can really help on! There’s no stairs to the top, you either have to climb the net, or the rock climbing wall to get up.

Buffalo Creek Reserve


There’s also a spinpoint on the side, however it was roped off when we went there.

And finally, there’s a great selection of swings for both the big and little kids, including our favourite – the big net swing.

Flying Fox

Over to the side of the park is a giant flying fox. We all ventured over and took it in turns (adults too!) and had a blast. Vivi was quite happy to go on her own and would have stayed there all day if we let her.

You do need to be on hand to help them get the flying fox back up to the start for the next person’s turn.

What else is there?

Buffalo Creek Reserve


This park also have toilets just a short walk away, which are easy to get to.

There’s also barbecues off to the side – you could host a party or other occasion here without a worry.

There’s also plenty of bushwalking tracks you can take if you and the kids are up for a bit of a hike. There is a nice boardwalk through the mangroves, which is art of the Great North Walk.

Essential Details: Buffalo Creek Reserve

  • Where: 177 Pittwater Road, Hunters Hill NSW 2110
  • Parking: Free 3-hour parking
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Sunshade: There is a giant sunshade over the play equipment
  • Enclosed: The park is open, but it’s far away from the main road
  • Seats: Benches


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