Top 5 fashion tips to help you find the perfect ‘mum’ jeans!

Decjuba Riley Skinny Jean
Decjuba Riley Skinny Jean

Trends in fashion come and go, but there’s always one staple: jeans. From the good old 90s flare to the iconic skinny jeans, it doesn’t matter what shape they come in, they’re a must for any wardrobe. But how do you know which style is right for you? Here are five tips to help you find the perfect ‘mum’ jeans – you’ll never want to take them off.

If there’s one thing all mums need, it’s a ‘go to’ outfit they can throw on in a rush as they head out the door. Let’s face it, we don’t always have the luxury of being able to spend the time fixing our hair, meticulously going over our our outfit choices and getting ready at our own pace. There’s the school bell to contend with, there’s groceries waiting to be bought, there’s toddlers pulling at your ankle, there’s work deadlines to meet. That’s where your perfect mum jeans come into it.

Jeans are that go to outfit you can throw on in all these scenarios. Dress them up with a pair of heels and a nice top, or throw over a baggy jumper and pop on some runners. Whatever your style, jeans are your staple. It’s about finding the best fit for your body.

Check out these top five style tips to help you work out the perfect mum jeans that fit best for you!

1. Rocking a mum tum

Decjuba Riley Skinny Jean, $89.95

It’s a badge of honor that serves as a reminder of that time we could barely waddle through life. The mum tum is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s basically part of the initiation into motherhood. But, of course, it can have you feeling rather self conscious.

For this reason, you want to avoid any attention around your tummy. Keeping a flat front waistband around your stomach (and over that mum tum) will create less bulk and a more flattering slim line. Something that we all desire, right?!

These super comfy Decjuba Riley Jeans were made for you. They come in a variety of different colours ranging from black, white, charcoal and khaki. The Riley skinny jean are an effortless wardrobe essential and a Decjuba favourite. The fabric will stretch over time so choose a smaller size for the perfect skinny fit.

2. Jeans for those bigger hips

Just Jeans Amaze Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans

Just Jeans Amaze Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans, $99.95

Do you find that you have larger hips in proportion to your upper body? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Your hips can be balanced out to create proportion simply through wearing a darker colour on the bottom half of your body. Dark coloured jeans work fabulously to balance hips and elongate your legs. Definitely give them a go!

You can opt for those ever-popular skinny jeans, or a slightly straight hem edge works well too.

Try these Amaze jeans from Just Jeans. The Amaze knit combines the comfort of jersey with the authentic look of denim. Designed with a relaxed fit for comfort.

3. Jeans for balancing broad shoulders

Nobody Denim Milla Jean Long Distant, $239

Are your shoulders broader than your hips? Simply stand in front of a mirror and take a look for yourself. To create proportion through your clothes, you want to do the opposite to what was suggested in the step before. Instead of dark-coloured jeans, opt for light-coloured high waisted jeans with a wide leg. This will help balance out your proportions.

Give these Milla Jean Long Distant from Nobody Denim a go. They are super high rise, slim through the hip and though with a wide leg opening,

4. The super skinny waist

The Peachay Jean

The Peachay Jean, $239.95

When shopping for jeans do you find it difficult to get a pair that fits nice and snug without that little gap at the back? For those with a small waist, try a high-waisted jean style which will work well to emphasize your waist and hourglass body shape.

These from Peachay were made for your hourglass shape to get rid of the waist gap. The waist band is kept small but they make more room for your hips, butt and thighs. They are high waisted with a relaxed fit at the knee/leg and more fitted in the hips, butt and thighs. The have some fab reviews!

These are made and designed in Australia using 100% cotton.

5. When you don’t have the curves

G-Star Raw Midge Bootcut Jeans

G-Star Raw Midge Bootcut Jeans, $219

Do you find that you don’t really have a waist but more of a rectangular shape torso? A great way of creating an illusion of a waist is to wear a slight bootcut style of jean. These work wonders for women with very little curves to help create soft contours.

Try these awesome Midge Bootcut Jeans from G Star. The Midge transforms authentic workwear into a flattering fit. The midge jeans are a classic 5-pocket jean with a semi-concealed zippers at the back pockets. They are bootcut wit with a mid waist, skinny through the thigh and wide at the hem with a zip and button closure.

Next time you’re rushing out the door to drop the kids off, throw on a pair of jeans that you know both look and feel great!

Find your perfect pair of mum jeans today! Book a Free 15 minute video session with Shannon at Living For Style. You can also check her out on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest fashion tips and tricks.

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