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North Shore Family Lawyers & Mediation Services Guide


Are you on the search for an experienced family lawyer or mediation service to guide you through a separation? Whether you’re in the early days of splitting with your partner and don’t know where to start, or in the thick of it and looking to ensure everything runs smoothly, the North Shore Family Lawyers & Mediation Services Guide features lots of wonderful services to help you navigate this unsettling period in your life.

What is a Family Lawyer?

Family lawyers practice family law, which is a legal area that focuses on issues involving family relationships. While most commonly known for aiding in divorce and child custody disputes, family law can also extend to adoption, foster care, paternity, child support and more.

No matter what issue you are currently facing relating to family law, it’s often in your best interests to work with an experience family lawyer who can guide you through the legalities of the process, ensuring the best possible outcome for your situation.

What is a Mediation Service?

Mediation is a way of sorting out any differences you and your ex partner have without taking it the further step of going to court. It uses the help of a third mutual party, called a mediator, to help you reach an agreement on issues relating to child custody, finances and more. The mediator will help you devise a mutually acceptable agreement.

When is the right time to approach a family lawyer?

If you’re staring down the path of separation, everything can seem a little daunting to begin with. One of the best things you can do is make sure your relationship is actually over. Marriage is hard. Really hard. It often takes a lot of negotiation, patience, love and support to see you through the highs and lows.

If you’re currently experiencing a low, it may be helpful to see a Relationship Counsellor. They can help you work through communication and trust issues, conflict resolution, intimacy issues and life transitions.

Once you put the effort in and determine your marriage is no longer salvageable, it’s time to turn to a family lawyer and mediation service. They can help navigate the steps of divorce, such as filing for divorce, child custody and property & asset division.

North Shore Family Lawyers & Mediation Services Guide

Sydney CBD Family Lawyers

Burke Mangan Lawyers (Sydney)

North Shore Mums Offer: free teleconference to identify your legal needs and discuss how they can assist. 

Kylie Burke

Kylie Burke, Founder of Burke Mangan Lawyers

Burke Mangan Lawyers was established in 2013 by North Shore Mum, Kylie Burke to help separating families in the North Shore move through separation with ease and dignity.

Kylie’s commitment to her clients and her passion for helping families navigate the complexities of the legal system have earned her a reputation as a compassionate and dedicated lawyer. She understands the emotional and financial toll that family law disputes can take on individuals and families and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

At Burke Mangan Lawyers, Kylie and her team pride themselves on delivering bespoke legal solutions that are tailored to their clients’ unique needs and objectives. They provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to share their concerns and guide them through the legal process with empathy and understanding.

Whether you’re dealing with a complex property settlement or a child custody dispute, Kylie and the team at Burke Mangan Lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality legal services to help you navigate your family law matter with confidence.

Kylie Burke leads the Burke Mangan Lawyers family law team and is recognised by the NSW Law Society as an Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer. Kylie is a nationally accredited family law arbitrator (think private judge). She ensures family law property disputes are resolved quickly and keeps families’ out of the court system. Kylie is also a collaborative lawyer skilled at working together with families and complimentary professions in order to achieve agreements that suit the needs of the family.

Delaney Roberts Specialist Family Lawyers (Sydney)

The Separation and Divorce Lawyers at Delaney Roberts have extensive experience in assisting people who have separated, or who are thinking of separating, to understand and pursue their entitlements to property division, parenting arrangements, accessing funds after separation and child support.

They practice only in Family Law and specialise in the area of Separation and Divorce. Their team is highly skilled in all aspects of Separation and divorce law and is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our client in every aspect of their separation

To make sure you make a Smart Start, book a Initial 90-minute Smart Start Appointment with a Specialist Family Lawyer. Get all your questions answered and understand applicable Family Law processes, with comprehensive on-the-spot legal advice tailored to your circumstances. You can develop a plan to secure your best future. Cost: $350 inc. gst.

Dormer Stanhope Lawyers (Sydney)

North Shore Mums offer: Free Initial Consultation. No Win No Fee.

Justine Stormer, Director & Principal, Dormer Stanhope Lawyers

Justine Stormer, Director & Principal, Dormer Stanhope Lawyers

Dormer Stanhope offers what other firms struggle to deliver – the expertise that comes with over 35 years of experience in top tier firms, coupled with the personalised approach to client relationships only small firms can truly provide.

Unlike larger firms, they can dedicate themselves completely to their clients’ matters, creating individualised approaches to their personal issues without compromising on quality.

They pride themselves on being an outcome-driven law firm. Their effective and timely advice is a testament to their continued high success rate. At their core, they are passionate about the law. As a firm, and as legal practitioners, they thrive on having their technical skills challenged and tested.

Their team is experienced in all forms of litigation and alternative dispute resolution and has advised on a diverse range of matters in all jurisdictions, Courts and Tribunals.

I relate. Collaborative Family Law (Various NSW locations)

North Shore Mums offer: Free 30 min Discovery Call to all new clients. Book a Discovery Call

Going through a separation? Consider I relate. Collaborative Family Law.  They understand going through divorce or separation is a difficult time for you and your family.  Their Principal Solicitor,  Stephanie Lee is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law with over 20 years of experience successfully advising and representing private clients from Australia and overseas on the full range of family law issues.  Stephanie is a Collaboratively trained family lawyer, and she is also a registered Family Law Arbitrator (AIFLAM).

I relate. Collaborative Family Law can help you bypass the confusion, stress and cost of using traditional law firms. Their goal is to help separated couples resolve their disputes in the most efficient way possible outside of the Courts and to preserve the family’s asset pool. Their solicitors provide legal advice on all issues arising from breakdown of a de facto relationship or marriage. They can also help you with negotiations and preparation of the necessary legal documents to finalise your agreement.

Their family law legal service is available to anyone going through separation. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, all their profits are channelled to Interrelate to continue supporting local communities in need. Their clients are also able to access the wraparound support services and programs offered by Interrelate which means they offer you a holistic pathway through separation, unlike traditional law firms.

To keep your legal costs low, they meet with their clients virtually online or speak to you by telephone and they use email. To find out more – Book your free Discovery Call now!

Voice Lawyers, Sydney

North Shore Mums Offer: Free teleconference to identify your legal needs and discuss how they can assist. 

Voice Lawyers 

Kayte Lewis, Principal of Voice Lawyers

Separation and family law matters can be overwhelming. Voice Lawyers can help you navigate these complex and emotional times to get you the best possible outcome to move forward.

From parenting matters through to financial agreements, they cover all aspects of family law, no matter how complex. Their holistic approach prioritises de-escalation and includes collaboration with other professionals, such as financial planners and counsellors, as required.

Once their family lawyers have listened closely to your story and concerns, they will assess your current position and determine the best strategy to achieve the best result they can for you.

Their practice follows de-escalation and commitment to the ethical philosophy of separating well. Voice can help you with mediation services, separation and divorce, parenting matters and child custody, domestic and family violence, property settlements, financial agreements, de facto relationships, dispute resolution and court representation.

Principal Kayte Lewis founded Voice Lawyers in 2017. She has worked in family law for over 10 years and has a Masters in Law in Dispute resolution. Kayte is also a Nationally Accredited NMAS Mediator and member of the Law Society’s Family Law Settlement Service panel of family law mediators.

Watts McCray Lawyers in Sydney, Parramatta & Northern Beaches

Watts McCray Lawyers

Watts McCray Lawyers is recognised as one of Australia’s leading family law firms. For over 40 years, our legal teams have offered family law services to our clients. Originally with one office located in Parramatta, Watts McCray Lawyers has now grown to include multiple offices across the Sydney. Supported by a team of highly experienced solicitors, Watts McCray continues to be very highly regarded by clients, the Judiciary and the marketplace overall.

Watts McCray has now merged with the nation’s largest specialised family law firm Australian Family Lawyers (AFL). The joining of Watts McCray and AFL concretes a common commitment to solutions-based practice with an empathetic approach to helping you navigate the Family Law legal system. We aim to help you understand and feel more in control of your changing situation in a caring and supportive environment. That’s why we place so much emphasis on communication. As a Watts McCray client, you always have access to a Family Law Specialist who has the ability to discuss any matter of concern with you.

As a specialist and leading provider of Family Law services in Australia, we understand Family Law and the way the various Courts function. Our Family Lawyers, many of whom are Accredited Specialists, are well placed to provide clients with the best possible representation in all manner of Family Law cases.

  • Location: Level 7, Suite 702/570 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Suite 219/18-20 Dale Street, Brookvale | Level 7, 9 George Street Parramatta NSW 2150
  • Phone: (02) 9283 5877
  • Website: wattsmccray.com.au
  • LinkedIn

Family Lawyers on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

The Norton Law Group (North Sydney)

North Shore Mums Offer: First consultation free for North Shore Mums

The Norton Law Group are specialist family lawyers and expert divorce lawyers located in North Sydney in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore. If you are living or working on the North Shore and need a family lawyer, The Norton Law Group is here to assist.

They work closely with collaborative professionals in Sydney’s north shore, including accountants and financial planners in North Sydney and advisors and child inclusive practitioners to assist in resolving their family law disputes in a timely and cost-efficient manner for their clients.

Their North Sydney family law specialists are a team of dedicated solicitors, distinguished by extensive experience and dedication to achieving the best results. Their team of family law solicitors offer experience in what can be complicated and sensitive matters, including property settlement, parenting arrangements, agreements by consent and de facto same sex relationships.

Their mission is simple: To get the best results for their clients, with minimal hassle, every time. Their straightforward, honest approach to law has earned them the reputation of being expert North Sydney family lawyers, and they pride themselves on resolving matters without always needing a final hearing.

The bitterness and intensity of family law disputes is unmatched in other areas of the legal system. Their family law specialists in North Sydney understand that the situation you may be experiencing can be emotionally charged and very difficult. Their solicitors have extensive experience with these situations, and will be able to empathise with your position while providing excellent legal advice on the next steps forward.

Dorter Family Lawyers & Mediators (Milsons Point)

North Shore Mums Offer: 15 minute free chat for North Shore Mums

Dorter Family Lawyers & Mediators is a dedicated team of 10 lawyers who specialise in family law based in Milsons Point.

They specialise in all aspects of family law including Divorce & Separation, Parenting Arrangements & Child Custody, Property & Financial Settlement, Child Support and De Facto Relationship matters.

Each of their family lawyers are passionate about helping their clients through the separation process and achieving a just outcome through providing professional and expert advice.

The Dorter Family Lawyers & Mediators team brings together both legal and commercial expertise when dealing with complex financial structures and property settlements, and compassion and expertise when dealing with parents who are in conflict and require assistance.

Their Principal Rebekah Dorter is a highly respected and sought-after family lawyer with a 30-year track record. Rebekah, together with Partners Andrew Johnson and Christopher Palumbo and the dedicated team, support their clients with integrity, technical knowledge and negotiation skills which make the difference in achieving a successful outcome.

Separation and divorce can turn family life upside down. They help you understand, navigate and master the process.

Sexton Family Law (Kirribilli)

Jacqueline Dawson, Principal Solicitor, Sexton Family Law

Sexton Family Law is a boutique law firm practicing exclusively in family law situated on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. They have a number of solicitors who have attained the standard of Accredited Specialist in Family Law. The firm has a long history in the area and is well regarded within the field of family law. They are able to assist with all aspects of your family law matter, whether it relates to parenting, child support, property disputes or protection of assets. They are able to guide you every step of the way, from the commencement of negotiations and if necessary, to the conclusion of litigation.

They will provide you with honest, plainly spoken legal advice about your family law matter. They partner with you and walk alongside you whilst navigating the complex and foreign world of family law.

They operate uniquely as a cohesive team dedicated to your needs, ensuring that a professional is available to support you at the earliest opportunity. Benefit from personalised attention alongside our collective approach, aimed at minimising wait times and maximising the support provided to you throughout your legal journey.

For over two decades, Sexton Family Law has built a reputation based purely on word of mouth referrals and personal recommendations. The firm operates in a discrete manner which is appreciated by clients.

Capelin Law (Cammeray)

North Shore Mums offer: Free initial 30-minute phone consultation with Andrew Capelin the Firm Principal.

Andrew Capelin, Principal of Capelin Law

Andrew Capelin, Principal of Capelin LawCapelin Law is a boutique law firm with a difference. They deliver faster, simplified ways to manage financial separations and estate planning. They only do Family Law and Estate work with a clear focus on keeping families away from courts and giving you the best advice possible. Their office is located in Cammeray, North Sydney. Their principal Andrew is a former barrister who now devotes his work endeavours to keeping you out of court.

They use the latest technology to provide you with a fast and effective service taking away some of the pain points that might otherwise exist in the process. Right from the first time you meet, their advice is always resolution-focused. They want to have you on your way, to the rest of your life, as soon as possible.

Their focus is on keeping families away from courts, where most of the time nobody really wins. It also lowers costs – financially and emotionally.

  • Location: 202/44 Miller Lane, Cammeray – 2 hour free parking available immediately adjacent to the office.
  • Phone: (02) 9538 7099
  • Website: capelinlaw.com.au
  • Facebook | Instagram

O’Loan Family Law (North Sydney)

North Shore Mums Offer: Complimentary 15-minute call with one of their family lawyers

Are you looking for advice about separation and divorce? O’Loan Family Law is Sydney’s leading family law firm with over 60 years of combined experience.  The O’Loan Family Law team include an Accredited Specialist, an experienced Mediator and 4 collaboratively trained family lawyers. They’ll guide you to the best possible solution without going to court, whenever possible.

The principal of O’Loan Family Law, Bron O’Loan, is a Parenting Coordinator and an Independent Children’s Lawyer and has written an Amazon ‘best selling’ book entitled ‘The Splits – how to help your kids navigate separation and divorce‘.

Perhaps your first concern is what’s going to happen with your children and how much time you’ll be able to spend with them? Or perhaps you are concerned about how you are going to afford to live in your newly separated life?

O’Loan Family Law can help you sort out parenting issues, property settlements and child support, perhaps getting financial support from your ex-partner and finalising your settlement.

They are experienced family lawyers well versed in all things family law, offering clear & prompt communication throughout your journey.

How you resolve your divorce will impact every aspect of your life: your finances, your family, your children, and even your retirement. Their approach is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, without unnecessary litigation. They take the time to help you to consider the best pathway forward for you and your family.

Parks Family Law (Hunters Hill)

North Shore Mums offer: North Shore Mums can receive a FREE, 30 minute discovery call with one of their experienced family lawyers. To receive the offer, please use the code “North Shore Mums” when making the booking. 

Parks Family Law are specialist family lawyers with extensive experience in both simple and complex family law cases. Their philosophy is to assist families going through a separation as amicably as possible. However, if you do end up in the family court system, they are experienced and skilled litigators. Parks Family Law also provide Estate Planning, assisting you with legal wills, power of attorney and guardianship matters.

Their team includes Catherine Parks, who has been practising Family Law for 20 years, is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and a member of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals. Catherine has previously been featured in the Doyle’s Guide listing for family and parenting matters, and is well respected in the field of family law. Leanne Mastrofilippo has practised as a family lawyer since 2011 and recently joined after spending 13 years in a preeminent City Family Law specialist firm. Paniz Yadzi, previously an associate to a Family Court Justice and also a Deputy Registrar of the Family Court, combines her experience in private practice with an in-depth knowledge of the Family Court.

The Parks Family Law team has the experience to assist families through parenting and property negotiations after separation, and to litigate when necessary. It is their expertise and specialisation that sets them apart and it is their experience that gives their clients confidence in their legal services.

Thornton + King (Northbridge)

Thornton + King Family Lawyers

The lawyers at Thornton + King

At Thornton + King, our experienced family law solicitors are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal advice for people experiencing family law issues. Whether you are seeking a divorce, negotiating a property settlement, or dealing with parenting and child custody proceedings, we are here to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

We understand that the end of a marriage can be an emotional and stressful experience, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the divorce process. Our solicitors will guide you through the process and help you to obtain a decree of divorce, which legally terminates a marriage.

In addition to divorce, our team specialises in property settlement, which involves dividing the assets and liabilities of a separating couple. This can include complex issues such as division of real estate, business assets, debt, and superannuation. Our solicitors use their deep knowledge of the law to help you reach a fair and equitable settlement that takes in to account your unique financial and emotional needs, so that you can move on with your life with confidence.

Parenting arrangements and child custody can also be complex legal problems. Issues such as primary and shared custody, parenting time, relocation, and child support frequently arise upon the breakdown of a relationship, and our family lawyers have decades of experience to draw upon in order to guide you through the process and secure the best possible outcome for you and your children.

At Thornton + King we are committed to providing you with personalised and compassionate legal representation.

Family Lawyers on the Upper North Shore

Fox & Staniland Lawyers (Gordon)

Fox & Staniland values efficiency, experience, and attention to detail. They aim to provide their clients with the best possible legal services with accredited specialists in Family Law and Property.

Their lawyers will provide you with superior legal advice and are committed to dealing with your matter in a cost-effective way with the necessary care and sensitivity it deserves. Their Family Law team has a wealth of experience and appreciate what is important to you during this difficult time.

A number of their lawyers are accredited specialists in Family Law. They give advice in simple language you’ll understand. Their practical advice keeps in mind the effects all your decisions will have on you and your family. They also provide advice on how you can protect your assets before and during your relationship.

Wallumatta Legal (Maquarie University)

Wallumatta Legal is a low fee, not-for-profit family law firm offering affordable legal advice and representation for low to middle income Australians. It is their belief that everyone should have access to legal services – regardless of their financial position, background, or any other circumstance – and they exist to help those that don’t qualify for government funded legal services, such as Legal Aid, but who would struggle to afford to pay private law firm fees.

The team at Wallumatta Legal is passionate about providing high-quality, low-cost, and practical legal services. They are here to support you through your legal journey and help you navigate the complexity of your individual family law situation, regardless of whether it relates to divorce, parenting, property, or something else. Their aim is always to provide you with the clarity and guidance you need to make informed decisions at every stage of the process – including court representation if needed.

They offer low fee, fixed fee pricing, and apply a ‘step-by-step’ approach that means that they are best able to predict what will be required at each stage of the matter and provide pricing that is based on work required. By working this way they are able to provide clients with a ‘fixed cost’ rather than just an estimate (that may be subject to change at time of invoicing) and provide clients with certainly around their legal costs.

Family Lawyers on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Reid Family Lawyers, Brookvale

North Shore Mums offer: 20 minute free consultation (mention North Shore Mums)

Fiona Reid, Managing Director, Accredited Specialist in Family Law

Fiona Reid, Managing Director, Accredited Specialist in Family Law

Reid Family Lawyers is a specialist, boutique family law firm committed to helping you solve issues which have arisen as a consequence of the breakdown of your relationship.

The end of a relationship or marriage is a highly stressful and emotional time both for you and your children. It is important at this time that you receive sound, rational and expert advice about your rights and obligations in relation to any division of relationship property, financial support and how best to navigate parenting arrangements to ensure that what is in place is in your children’s best interests.

Fiona Reid, their founding partner, is an AIFLAM trained mediator and handles cases with the utmost sensitivity and neutrality. She aims to deliver results that satisfy all parties.

Mediation is an opportunity for parties to discuss their family law dispute in a non-adversarial and quiet way with the assistance of someone neutral who can help you focus on looking forward and achieving a solution.

While Fiona takes a neutral stance during your mediation and is not able to provide you with legal advice, she is, if desired, happy to conduct an evaluative mediation providing each of the parties with her thoughts as to the likely outcome of the proceedings, were they to proceed to a final hearing.

Fiona is happy to conduct mediations with you directly or with the assistance of your lawyers.

Relationships Australia NSW, Dee Why

Get child-focused, professional support to guide you through parenting, property and financial negotiations at Relationships Australia NSW’s Dee Why Centre.

Relationships Australia NSW is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides vital relationship support across New South Wales.

Their Family Dispute Resolution services are available to all separating or separated couples. A team of independent, skilled mediators are available to help you come to an agreement about how to divide up your shared property, finances and assets. If you have children, they’ll also help you negotiate future care and parenting arrangements, and manage changing family dynamics through this challenging time.

With 75 years of experience helping families going through difficult times, they offer a safe and impartial space to help you make important decisions for the future. They offer flexible hourly pricing to suit all income levels. Mediation offers a cheaper and faster way of resolving disputes without going to court.

Translators and interpreters are also available on request.

De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers, Balgowlah

Janine De Saxe and Margie O'Neill, Founders of De Saxe O'Neill Family Lawyers

Janine De Saxe and Margie O’Neill, Founders of De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers

De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers offer a confidential, sensitive and personalised service to you from start to finish. With over 30 years’ experience, the firm has earned a strong reputation for its expertise and professionalism in assisting families navigate a breakdown.

They offer a range of services related to family law, including divorce, parenting arrangements, financial agreements, de-facto relationships, child support, property settlements, collaborative law, mediation, financial support, family violence and court.

Their firm was founded by Janine De Saxe and Margie O’Neill, both of whom are Accredited Family Law specialists and trained in Collaborative Family Law. Both are widely regarded and ranked as leading and recommended by “Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Market”.

At De Saxe O’Neill Family Lawyers, they recognise the stress caused by separation and divorce and their lawyers are particularly knowledgeable about the damaging results of family conflict both on parents and children. Their emphasis is first and foremost on the best interests of children and the importance of parents working together as well as they can to maintain respectful communications with each other even through very difficult times.

  • Location: ‘Bakery Mews’ Suite 6, 67 Wanganella Street, Balgowlah
  • Phone: (02) 9948 3820
  • Website: dofamilylawyers.com.au

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