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Join the fun new Kinder Beat music program at Big Music!

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Looking for a music class for your toddler or pre-schooler? Big Music in Crows Nest have just launched Kinder Beat, an award-winning program for budding rock stars aged 2-5 years. 

What is Kinder Beat?

Kinder Beat is an award-winning program that utilises ground breaking early childhood educational principles and introduces young children to music in a way that stimulates all of their senses.​ The vibrant grooves and contemporary flare of Kinder Beat helps to lay the foundation for a positive relationship with music that students will enjoy throughout their lives.

Aimed at children from ages 2-5, the classes are held in groups of up to 8 and conducted by a coach that has successfully completed Kinder Beat’s training course.​

How does Kinder Beat benefit your child?

Kinder Beat provides children with a number of musical and non musical benefits.​

Musical Benefits:

  • Musical basics are covered, introducing children to fundamental experiences of rhythm, beat, pulse and metre.
  • Concepts of high, low, loud, soft, fast and slow.
  • As well as introducing reading experiences, beginning with iconic symbols before progressing onto traditional notation. ​

Non-musical benefits:

  • Motor skills, both gross and fine are developed.
  • Pro-social skills are increased  by working together in a group, sharing, co-operating, turn taking, following directions and connecting with others.
  • Intellectual stimulation through listening, problem solving and generating creative responses.

The Kinder Beat Classes

With fun characters like Kinder Bear, Kinder Roo, Joey And Super Cool Mouse, Kinder Beat provides a truly exciting and unique start to music.

During the lessons, a variety of musical instruments and props are used to stimulate the senses and enrich the learning experience, including: 

  • The Music Box
  • Streamers
  • Hoops
  • Assorted Percussion
  • Chime Bars
  • Tone Bars
  • Character Puppets
  • Rainbow Ring
  • Parachute
  • Flash Cards
  • Music Mats
  • Piano/Keyboard

Activities include:

  • Rhythm, beat, pulse and metre
  • Body percussion
  • Musical games and improvisation
  • Singing songs, rhymes and solfa/solfege
  • Movement, dance and gesture
  • Percussion playing – tuned and untuned
  • Listening, reflecting and responding
  • Story-telling and mime
  • Coordinating with a range of props
  • Ensemble playing
  • Reading, understanding and interacting with iconic and traditional notation
  • Piano/keyboard playing.


Kinder Beat consists of the following three book series. Each book takes 6-12 months to complete.

  • Level 1: Music Box Magic age 2-3 years
  • Level 2: Percussion Play age 3-4 years
  • Level 3: Kinder Beat Piano age 4-5 years

Children who successfully complete Kinder Beat advance onto group lessons on their chosen instrument.


​The cost per class is $35 and each class runs for 45 minutes. Each child is also required to purchase a $40 student kit at each level.

Free Trial!

Keen to try a Kinder Beat class at Big Music? They’re offering North Shore Mums a free trial, so you can get a real understanding of how the classes work. Limited spots are available, so get in quick!

To book your free trial, call Big Music on (02) 8622 6555 or send them an email.


Big Music is located at 85 Alexander Street, Crows Nest.

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