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How to find the perfect property for your family

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If you’re on the hunt for that elusive perfect property, you know just how overwhelming it can be trying to decide exactly which home is right for you. You might be in the market for an upgrade to fit your growing family, looking for your first home, or searching for an investment property… but no matter what your position, a buyer’s agent can take the difficulty out of the decision.


Trying to sift through listings for homes on offer is a job in itself, not to mention trying to narrow down your ‘maybe’ list based on not much more than the realtor descriptions or your gut feeling, then heading out to each site only to find the house is nothing like you’d dreamed! Enlisting a buyer’s agent can help with all the hassle, and result in a purchase that gives happy memories back to your family for years to come! A buyer’s agent works exclusively for you, the property buyer, to source, locate and secure the property of your dreams; at a fantastic price! Whether you need to be near good schools, playgrounds, or transport hubs, all of these details are factored into the search for the right – no, the perfect – property for you and your growing family.



Meet the Mayfield Property Team

Mayfield Property Buyers is run by John Carew, a family man with two young boys who has years of experience in matching new families with the home of their dreams. With a solid background in banking, economics and real estate he can find you a property that your family will love. Sarah Dallen is a busy mum of four. She is a Buyers Agent who completely understands the demands required in order to juggle work and life challenges when hunting for a new home on Sydney’s North Shore. Yet, she thrives on the task of finding the perfect home for a client, understanding that not every situation can be met with the same approach. This is why she gets to know her clients and their specific needs in order to personalise her search for each and every client.


Mayfield Property Buyers – Sarah Dallen and John Carew

Why Choose A Buyer’s Agent?

  • A buyer’s agent works just for you and not a property vendor
  • A buyer’s agent has extensive networks and access to off-market listings
  • A buyer’s agent strives to find you the best property, at the best price
  • A buyer’s agent offers various services – including auction bidding
  • A buyer’s agent has strong economic, and financial backgrounds – not just real estate experience
  • Mayfield Property Buyers offer a satisfaction guarantee
  • Mayfield services are affordable starting from $500
  • A buyer’s agent like Mayfield highly rated online for customer satisfaction



How It Works

Mayfield Property Buyers is dedicated to saving you not only time in locating the right property, but also saving you money on that purchase. They carry much of the stress that new buyers can feel and ease the pressure that often comes from selling agents whose job is to sell their vendor’s home for top dollar.

Their knowledge of the market and availability cannot be matched; they will work for you until they find your family the new home it needs to grow into. As for mums trying to run a family, it’s a big enough job to raise a family; you don’t want to try to juggle home buying on top of it. That’s where a service such as Mayfield Property Buyers can help you. They do all the homework and much of the leg work and then search for available (and hidden off-market) properties that match your specific criteria and falls within your budget.

They work to help you find exactly what you need so you can make an informed decision and eliminate the second guessing… getting you into the perfect family home sooner.

This information was brought to you by Mayfield Property Buyers. Take up their complimentary property portfolio review. No pressure, no obligation. Click here or call 0410 545 721. It may unlock the doors to that new family home you have been dreaming of.

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