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Moving Bodies is a massive indoor fitness centre offering all things sport and exercise for kids and adults of ALL ages and skill level. It includes gymnastics, swimming lessons, a Ninja warrior course, Parkour course & soft play centre. On top of everything else, they host birthday parties too! (hint: the gymnastics party is awesome!) NSM Discoverer Wendy Brockbank gave it a try with her family.

For our visit to Moving Bodies soft play centre, I brought my 3-year-old and invited some of his little friends from Mother’s Group to try out the indoor soft play centre. There are two separate areas, one for the 0-2 year olds & the other for the 3-11 year olds – which is perfect as some had brought along their younger siblings.

Upon arrival at reception, we were warmly greeted by a lovely staff member. We signed in and then were buzzed into the soft play area located right next door. This is a secure play area where the entry/exit gate is through a buzzer monitored by reception, meaning no little monkeys can escape!

There is a ‘no shoes, only socks’ rule in the soft play area. Don’t fret if you have forgotten socks as these can be purchased at reception.

With socks on & lots of energy to burn…..they were off!!

0-2 year olds

The first thing I notice is how spacious the room is and just how clean the equipment is. You can really tell that everything is well maintained with all the equipment intact & looking like new. As a parent, this is especially important with the babies.

There is so much open space to play and run around on the soft springy floor

The kids loved spending time here, there is so much open space to play and run around on the soft springy floor. It was great to see some imaginative play in action, as well as watch the babies explore while trying to be steady on their feet.

Steady does it….practicing balancing on his little feet.


The blocks are perfect if you have a little climber on your hands!

‘No mummy, I’m not going to topple over’ – this obstacle needed some concentration in balancing

There are a large number of different soft play equipment, including a climbing wall.

The most popular was the ‘wobbly man’ as the kids tried to kick him down, but he kept bouncing right back at them! There are so many colourful objects to climb, sit and rock on. Just take your pick!

The climbing wall is a great test of balance and strength for the little ones

Soft play centres are all about getting the kids moving and burning all that energy. What I loved about this space at Moving Bodies was that parents can sit comfortably on the soft floor, relax and keep an eye on their babies/toddlers having a great time.

Team work in action

3-11 year olds

This is 3 storeys of FUN FUN FUN!! The kids headed straight for the ball pit, diving into the balls, throwing them at each other – there was so much laughter & giggles! Inside the pit, there was a board where the aim was to try and throw the ball into the holes. There were definitely some determined faces and this kept them occupied for ages!

The ball pit of laughter and giggles!!

Inside there are spinning poles to knock yourself out on, tunnels to climb through and dangling obstacles to charge through.

There are striped, spinning poles to crash against

Tunnels with triangular barriers to clamber over

The dangling obstacles and pole section!

But the one which really got the thumbs up from the kids was the big red double slide. To go down the slide, first you must go up and the kids raced each other eagerly (almost frantically) up the padded steps. Once at the top and feeling super excited, they just about managed to wait for each other before sliding down together. Sliding down forwards on their bottoms was lots of fun, but then they started sliding down backwards feet first on their bellies. This was next level fun and from then you just couldn’t stop them, it became a continuous loop of running up and sliding down. I felt exhausted just watching them!

moving bodies

The long climb up the padded steps to reach the top of the slide is a great way to use up energy!


Sliding down backwards on their bellies was just too much fun!!


moving bodies

Activity wall is great for the little ones’ motor skills development


  • Parents Lounge/ common eating area – this is a great area which has been set up with 3 lots of children tables and chairs for the kids to eat, with cushioned seating provided along the wall for parents. There is also a highchair available. For parents with babies & older kids, this is the ideal space as you can watch your children between the 2 play areas.
  • On-site café – The café is located below the centre which requires you to go out and downstairs. What I loved is that you can place an order at reception & the café staff will bring your food & drink straight to you. Now that’s service!
  • Bathrooms – Conveniently located next to the Parents Lounge, there is a male & female toilet, plus a nappy changing station.
  • Kitchenette – Available for use is a fridge and microwave


My little man was having so much fun with his friends that he didn’t want to leave. Having managed to extract him from the centre with the promise that we would return, he fell asleep in the car before we even got to the end of the street! This air conditioned centre is great for all weather and I found it to be a wonderful place to watch my pre-schooler play with his friends, but also a great space for me to catch up with my mummy friends too.

Moving Bodies has thought of everything to ensure that kids and parents have an enjoyable experience. We had such a fantastic time and we will definitely be back!


  • Address: Unit 10, Cnr Marina Close & Hamley Rd, Mt Kuring-gai NSW 2080
  • Parking: There are some allocated spots at Moving Bodies that are reserved for Unit 6, 10 and 11. Otherwise there is street parking available.
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: During School Term: Monday to Friday / 9.30am – 2.30pm.
    Softplay is NOT open on SATURDAYS or SUNDAYS due to classes and party bookings. During school holidays, call and check availability
  • What to bring: Socks! If you forget, they are available for purchase at reception
  • Entry fees:
    0 – 5 months FREE
    6 – 11 months $4.00
    12 – 23 months $6.00
    2 – 11 years $10.00



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