What to look for in childcare: Award-winning service tells

The Little Zaks Killara team celebrating their award
The Little Zaks Killara team celebrating their award

Little Zak’s Academy at Killara has TWICE won the Local Business Award for ‘Best Childcare Service’ (2017, 2018). Operating for three years, it’s clear the centre knows a thing or two about delivering quality service. We spoke to Robert (the proprietor) about what to look for in a centre to make sure your children are being looked after by the best in the business. Plus, see below for their special offer for NSMs.

Wondering what to look for in a childcare centre? We chat with Robert from Little Zak’s Academy.

What are some red flags parents should be aware of when looking for a centre?

Low standards for safety and cleanliness, lack of communication, no educational program in place. We squash all of these concerns with our Exceeding rating, proving that we go above and beyond in all areas of childcare.

How about green lights? What are some signs the centre is a reliable and safe place?

Happy and welcoming educators, strong educational program in place, happy children!

Little Zak’s at Killara has an ‘exceeding’ rating and has twice won the Local Business Awards

What’s your advice to parents struggling with stress and tears at drop off?

Minimise the morning rush and keep to a regular routine.

How do you reassure kids who might feel nervous or left out throughout the day?

Help them feel safe by being calm, relaxed and reassuring that their parents and caregivers will come back at pick up time.

Working parents offer suffer ‘mum guilt’. Reassure us with some info about the benefits of daycare for children! Are there social or developmental benefits for kids in care?

At Little Zak’s Academy we provide a high-quality environment that assist in improving the cognitive and social development of children. By providing safe and stimulating indoor and outdoor environments to explore, play and learn children begin to engage in social interaction that meets the needs of each individual child.  At Little Zaks we encourage children to participate in imaginative and creative play as well as formulate activities for play based learning. The environments also continue to enhance each of the children’s social and emotional development by putting into action what they know and what they see in their everyday lives. So mums can drop off their child ‘guilt free’, knowing that they really are getting the best service to help with their child’s growth.

Little Zak's Academy

The centre says “welcoming educators, and happy children” are good signs of a great centre

Childcare has changed a lot now we have technology to communicate through apps. What changes have you witnessed in the last few years when it comes to care?

Yes, technology has definitely been more widely used in the education department across the board, and child care is no different. We have an interactive smart board in all of our centres (pre-school room) in order to help children become familiar with technology and use it in a resourceful way by using our play based learning program [the ABC program] ‘Reading Eggs’. We also use it for documentaries and a source of information so that when they go to school they don’t have to be fearful of technology but know that they can use it to their advantage.

Little Zak's Academy

Indoor and outdoor play and considered screen time are all ar of a rounded education

There are many moments parents  find hard -kids who won’t eat, accidents in the playground, or kids who won’t sleep! What are your strategies for problems like these?

Ensuring all of the educators within the service are communicating and acknowledging parent and children concerns. Work closely with the parent to ensure child’s routine is being followed and provide any external information in which may assist the family with these common issues. Communication is key.

Not to mention, kids are so fussy! Can you share some of the children’s fave meals from Little Zak’s menu?

Spaghetti Bolognese & Chicken Con Carne

What things does Little Zak’s do differently that make you stand out?

Little Zak’s Academy is privately owned and family run, with a strong commitment to participative, consultative and collaborative management. We offer a wide range of services for children at our centres which include yoga, sports, cooking and a prep school program.

Little Zak's Academy

Little Zak’s offers yoga, sports, cooking and a prep school program.

What qualities do you look for in your educators?

Be a good communicator, Be passionate and authentic, Be practical and patient but also be willing to take risks, Be flexible, Be creative, Love learning, Be energetic, Be organised.

Get 2 weeks free!

In celebration of their multi-award winning service, Little Zaks are offering new enrolments 2 Weeks FREE childcare, valid until the 31 March 2019. Children must enrol and start prior to the 31 March 2019. Parents must also be eligible for CCS Rebates to receive this promotion.

The Little Zaks Killara team celebrating their award

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