Busy morning? Try these five quick and healthy breakfasts

27280983 - vegan banana carrot muffins with oats and berries
27280983 - vegan banana carrot muffins with oats and berries

We’ve all been there… picking up bits of sausage from our kid’s plates, sneaking a quick sugary snack in the form of jelly snakes or Tim Tams, eating potato chips at 3am after an exhausting breastfeed. But even as a busy mum, there are ways to start the day with a healthy breakfast, writes Lindi Stein from Newtritionworks.

A busy mum’s average morning usually involves a lot of racing around the house to find ‘the other’ shoe, a hairbrush that refuses to pull out knots and a frantic search for the library book that is due that day!

But one thing we do usually make time for is providing a balanced breakfast for the kids. We’re sure to include something from each food group, food that will be appealing, items that they will actually eat, something to keep them satiated. We all understand how important it is that they start their day on good quality, wholesome foods that will provide all the nutrients they need for the day.

When it comes to starting our own day, we eat their leftovers, the crust of their toast or the last few spoons of yoghurt out their bowls before they go into the dishwasher. Alternatively we grab a highly processed, sugary snack on the way out the door. But as mums, it’s crucial to make ourselves as important as our children, if not because we deserve it, then because they deserve a healthy mum with loads of energy! 

Easy healthy breakfasts ideas for mums on the go


These are a real time-saver, as most of the fruit and veg can be precut and frozen ahead of time and refrigerated in the smoothie cup/jug the night before. You can add ‘hide’ nutrients  like spinach, green powder, celery, chia seeds, nuts, or any supplements would benefit you as an individual or use the milk that suits you, like almond milk or soy. A great trick is to freeze the mixture into iceblocks in summer months and grab one of those (your kids would love this too)


Prebake and freeze different kinds of muffins that way you can defrost in the fridge overnight and eat on the run

Mug muffin

Try a recipe for a mug muffin and pre-prepare the mixture the night before and pop in the microwave just before you leave


Yoghurt pouches are also great on the run, however the ones available ready made are usually very high in sugar. Try buying reusable yoghurt pouches and fill with a good quality yoghurt or homemade fruit puree


Eggs are a phenomenal protein, they are bursting with all things good. If you are on the run, preboil and peel them and grab two with some cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers to eat on the way to work. You could pre-bake some ‘egg muffins’ by whisking some eggs and nut milk together, adding your choice of vegetables and spices and baking in muffin trays


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