20 easy ‘go-to foods’ for healthy mums


Battling to stay healthy while running after the kids and working either at home or in the paid workforce? It’s easier than you think to switch unhealthy foods for more nutritious alternatives. North Shore Mum Jenny Edelman, mother of four (including twins!) and owner of fitness studio enCORE Fitness Centre, runs us through her easiest go-to food and drinks.

1. Water

It seems obvious, but it’s the best first stop when hunger strikes. Sometimes you think you’re hungry, but are really very thirsty. 

2. Strawberries 

Jenny from enCORE Fitness Centre

Jenny from enCORE Fitness Centre

The strawberry is known as the queen of fruits in some Asian countries. Strawberries are quick and easy to eat! They smell so good and have a low carb count.  For every 100g of strawberries there’s only 4 grams of carb.  Strawberries are also a rich source of Vitamin C. As a mum of four, I keep 4 punnets in the fridge at all times!

3. Boiled eggs

I keep boiled eggs in the fridge so if we need a quick healthy snack this is it! Eggs are a great source of protein.

4. Apples

I hand apples out to our ladies in our Xtend Barre classes in summer months. They are delicious, rich in fibre and Vitamin C.

5. Salmon

I love adding salmon to salads. Salmon is high in all the good kind of fats

6. Tinned Tuna

A quick protein hit! My go- to when salmon’s not available or it’s not convenient. 

7. Yoghurt

Opt for an all-natural brand with no sugar added. I enjoy the Jalna pot set or another favourite at the moment, the Chobani plain flavour.

8. English Cucumber

Two of the most basic elements needed for digestion… water and fibre…  the cucumber has both!

9. Tomatoes

Loving the Salerno sweet tomatoes at the moment, which you just grab at the supermarket. They’re super sweet, like nature’s popping candy!

10. Carrots

These are always cut up or grated in my fridge ready to take for a quick snack. Besides being reportedly good for your eyesight and brimming with anti-ageing benefits, did you know they are good for your teeth? It’s all in the crunch! These beauties scrapes off the plaque and clean the gums just like a toothbrush!

11. Hummus

Love this little protein dip! Add carrot sticks or cucumbers for extra nutrients and crunch.

12. Raw almonds

Their protein content keeps you fuller for longer. Try having 15-20 as a mid-morning snack or grind them in a food processor or Thermomix to make a almond butter and use this as a dip for your carrots and cucumbers. Otherwise, mill them, toast them and sprinkle them on your salad or yoghurt.

13. Decaf coffee 

Caffeine is just a diuretic (although I do have an occasional treat), so try decaffeinated coffee instead. 

14. Tea

Full of antioxidants, I love my Pukka tea range.

15.  Poached eggs, spinach, baby tomatoes and onion

This big breakfast sets you up for a busy day and the protein in the eggs keeps you full until lunch.

16. Beef stir fry

Add plenty of green veggies to your stir-fry, but avoid adding any pre-packed sauces. Use herbs for flavour, plus a little coconut oil. I generally stir fry beef strips every two weeks and freeze so I can add to veg or salads as I go. 

17. Baked Beans

Boasting a low glycemic index, beans are also crazy high in fibre. Be sure to choose a low-sugar bran or make your own. 

18. Protein mix

I will have this if I haven’t time to do food prep the night before and have a mad crazy day ahead of me. The mix includes almonds to help slow the release of the protein otherwise I do get a sugar ‘type’ drop and feel worse. 

19. Apple Cider Vinegar

 This is my go-to salad dressing! I add a little to my salad instead of balsamic or a creamy dressing. 

20. Dates

I do enjoy dates sparingly. They are high in carbs, but taste so delicious. I eat dates instead of a binge of chips or chocolate.

What healthy treats do you like to snack on when hunger strikes? Share your favourites below!


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