Get walking for National Walk Safely to School Day


For the last 18 years, National Walk Safely to School Day has led the way in encouraging primary school children to walk and commute safely to school. This year NWSTSD is tomorrow (Friday 19 May) and there’s still time to get involved with this community event!

Learning road safety is a key part of all children’s development, and not only does Walk Safely to School Day give kids great tools for their future but it also encourages exercise, independence and helps ease that morning traffic we all battle at the school gate during drop-off and pick up!

This year, you can make it fun for kids to learn about commuting safely by taking part in Walk Safely to School Day. More children walking to school means a healthier environment and healthier kids, plus there are significant physical, mental and social health benefits which can be achieved through regular walking.

As part of the program, parents and carers will be encouraged to closely supervise young children, particularly those under 10 years of age, in all road environments, holding hands when near or crossing the road.

How to get involved with National Walking Safely to School Day:

  • Sign up here for a kit containing WSTSD posters, stickers and information, and you can order additional stickers online
  • As part of the program you can host a Healthy Breakfast at your school (see below)
  • Tell your friends, parents, carers and teachers about the event
  • Suggest to parents and carers who have to drive, to park the car at least 10 minutes away from the school
  • Register your school as a WSTSD Ambassador to permit and assist with publicity

And start the day right by hosting a healthy breakfast at home or school:

For a healthy school breakfast, the following foods need no preparation:
Apples, pears, bananas, mandarins, grapes or any fresh fruit in season, cheese cubes or cheese sticks, fresh bread rolls (excellent if served with a banana), long-life milk (preferably fat-reduced), a soy or fruit based smoothie, small containers of unsweetened peaches or other fruit, dried fruit, water.
If there is someone who can help, good choices include:
Rockmelon, watermelon, kiwi fruit (in season), raisin bread or toast, sliced French stick with cheese, yoghurt, whole-wheat breakfast biscuits, split and spread with butter and yeast extract, milk, preferably fat-reduced.
For breakfast at home, good choices include:
Some fresh fruit plus quality whole-wheat breakfast biscuits or natural muesli or porridge with milk, toast with an egg, toast with cheese or peanut butter, a smoothie (blend fat-reduced milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit and a little honey).
Poor breakfast choices include:
Breakfast bars (too much sugar), sugary cereals, crisps or chips, soft drinks, juice drinks.

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