Business Spotlight: Tanya Prischl, Elan Jewellers


North Shore Mums loves to support local businesses, and women in business. Our regular Business Spotlight brings you the story behind a local business success, from how it began to how modern mums are handling family and a career. Today, we’re introducing you to Tanya Prischl from Elan Jewellers.

Tanya, tell us a little bit about yourself: I have been a jeweller for 19 years and met my husband working as an apprentice at his family’s jewellery store. We have three energetic boys and live on the North Shore and love being a part of the community through work, school and sport.

Talking business….

Thomas, Tanya and Frank

Frank (my husband), Thomas (my brother in law) and I opened Elan Jewellers in 2019 in St Ives Shopping Village. It had been a dream of ours to open our own store. We all have unique skills and work together to create beautiful pieces. Frank and I are both jewellers and Thomas is a gemologist and cad designer.

What did you do before you launched your business? Frank and Thomas are 3rd generation jewellers, so jewellery definitely runs in their veins. We all worked together at their family’s jewellery business on the North Shore where we gained experience in all aspects of building a successful retail store.

What makes your business different? We have our workshop on the premises, and with our combined skills, we create every individual piece of jewellery with precision and care. We work with the customer to design and make the perfect gift or remodel something for themselves creating a personalised experience.

What inspired you to start your business? After working in a family business it was time for us to venture on our own and create our own identity and brand. Elan is a french word meaning energy, style and enthusiasm: our jewellery is made with elan.

What services do you offer? We repair, remodel, create new pieces, valuations, rethreading, clean and polish jewellery, watch batteries, and watch repairs. We are open 7 days a week.

What do you enjoy most about your work? I love being creative and working with customers to create unique and special pieces of jewellery for them to have forever. I also enjoy repairing and restoring old jewellery giving it new life.

Parenting and family life….

Tanya and her sons

How do you balance running a business with family life? With the three of us in the business, it allows us to have flexible working conditions, and we work together to share the load.

What’s your best advice to any mums looking to start their own business? Go for it! Having goals and dreams to work towards knowing that it will benefit your family has always been my driving force.

What advice would you give to a new mum? To enjoy the small moments in your day, and it does get easier as they get older. Also having a great support network with friends and family to chat with and laugh off the hard moments.

Enjoying life on the North Shore

How do you spend your weekends? We spend our weekends with the kids playing sport and seeing family and friends.


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