Playground Review: Muston Park, Chatswood


If you’ve never ventured to Muston Park in Chatswood, then it’s time to pop it on your to-do list. From flowering Wisteria and creeks to explore to rocket ships, swings and sandpits, there’s a whole day of fun just waiting to happen.

If you head to Muston Park at the right time of year (usually mid Spring), you will be treated to a laneway of gorgeous flowering Wisteria. If not, don’t worry, there’s still plenty on offer. I took my three kids, Cassie (6), Vivi (4) and Elliot (2) for a drive to check it out. Here’s what we found!

Getting to Muston Park

If live near Chatswood, then you will probably find you have driven past Muston Park a number of times. The park is on Penshurst Street – which is quite a busy road with no parking along this stretch of it.

Make a left turn down Eden Street (just after the park) and follow the road along to the end. It curves into a cul-de-sac, where there is plenty of parking right next to the park! Nice and easy to unload the kids and head straight across to the playground for some exploring.

Muston Park has two other entrances: Douglas Avenue and Warrah Lane. It is completely accessible with ramps a bridge and flat pathways, perfect for wheelies, prams and bicycles all the way through.

Wisteria Walkway

The Wisteria tunnel is one of the main drawcards of this beautiful park. If you enter from Eden Street, you come through the walkway to get to the path. We decided to make the loop around and check it out. While Spring is in the air, the Wisteria has not yet flowered (as of 15 October 2021), but the walkway is still beautiful.

Cassie and Vivi walking through

Plenty of entrances along the way

Felt like a secret garden for the girls

It winds its way right along the edge of the park, and the kids loved running through it and exploring. It transforms into a Purple palace every year in September when the gorgeous Wisteria takes over the wooden pergola. Reminded me a little of The Secret Garden!

Exploring the area

We decided to go on a bit of a walk before heading to the playground, as a chance to check out what else is around.

Kids loved checking out the bridge

If you head past the playground you’ll come to a gorgeous bridge, which my kids loved looking over and exploring. Along the rails of the bridge they have clear blocks with pictures of all the inhabitants of Scotts Creek and a few sentences on each block describing each one of the different inhabitants, which is quite unique and a great way to teach children about fish and amphibians.

Reading one of the clear blocks along the way

If you keep walking around you can head down and check out the creek that flows there, or if you keep walking you’ll hit another bridge where the kids had fun spotting the ducks from.

Vivi checking out the creek

Second bridge where we saw the ducks

The best part is, there’s plenty of tables and chairs along the way for you to sit down at and picnic. There’s also toilets nearby, with an undercover eating area as well. Plus, right next to the playground you’ll find BBQ facilities – bonus!

Play area for kids

Now for the fun part, the play area!

The rocket ship has to be the clear highlight of this park. Cassie and Vivi ran straight in and beelined for it. Elliot followed, of course, but ended up stuck at the top as he couldn’t work out how to get back down the ladders. That meant Mum had to make a trip to the top…twice which we were there.

The rocket ship was a clear favourite

At the back you’ll find a nice and big swing set with the toddler swing, normal swing and the fun circle netted swing.

muston park

The swing set at the back

Off to the side is a digger in the sand. It’s lots of fun, but hard for kids to do on their own. I ended up standing behind Vivi and helping her out with it.

muston park

Vivi working out the digger

The car was another favourite at this park, especially for Elliot. I think he would have stayed there all day if he had the chance.

muston park

Elliot enjoying the car

The climbing frame at the end was also great for all ages. Kids can climb in it, on it and through it, and it’s not too tall that parents have to worry.

muston park

Cassie and Vivi enjoying the climbing frame

There’s also a great water play area at the back, which I can’t wait to test out again on a warmer day (it was drizzling the day we went, but it also meant we had the park to ourselves which was a bonus).

muston park

Covered seating in the park

There’s plenty of seating around the park too!

Uncovered seating in the middle of the park

BBQ right outside the park

Essential Details: Muston Park

  • Address: 375-389 Penshurst Street, Chatswood
  • Parking: Free parking on Douglas Avenue, Eden Street or Warrah Lane
  • Toilets: Yes
  • Enclosed: Playground is enclosed
  • Seats: Plenty of seats both in and out of the playground area
  • Nearby Refreshments: Head up Penshurst road a little further (towards the city) and you’ll hit some food and coffee options: SML Café, Café Markus, Lot 12 Chatswood or Locomotion coffee


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