A riding adventure at Jubes Mountain Bike Park in Wahroonga


Looking for a cycling adventure on the North Shore? The mountain bike tracks in Wahroonga are the perfect spot for an adventurous family cycling experience! At Jubes Mountain Bike Park at Golden Jubilee you can pedal down a race track, practice jumps or develop your off-road skills. And after the adrenaline rush, head to the nearby children’s playground to recover! North Shore Mums Discoverer Clare Mathie and her two children went for a ride… 

As the girls and I walked down a gravel pathway towards Jubes Mountain Bike Park we stopped to examine a map and read a nearby warning sign which stated “THIS IS CONSIDERED A HIGH RISK ACTIVITY.”

Alice – my gung ho eight-year-old – exclaimed with delight “Mum, I love doing dangerous things.” Her older sister Lucy looked on with trepidation but was clearly keen not to be shown-up by her younger sister.

A map shows the different tracks at the park

Carved into the red dirt of a hill are three different areas of the park which backs onto Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

The Tracks at Jubes Mountain Bike Park

The Single Track

This is a one-way track that’s about 800-metres long that zig-zags its way down the hillside. It’s narrow and rocky and has jumps, dips, and banked corners plus two obstacles which experienced riders use to perform challenging tricks.

Heading off along the track

The Pump Track

This area has shaped jumps that are made of mounds of dirt. Riders use their body’s momentum to “pump” through the course pulling their bike up and down over the mounds. There are different levels of difficulty within the track.

Tackling the “pump” track

The Skills Zone

This area has been designed to improve riders’ off-road cycling ability. There are seven wooden slat bridges of various heights, lengths and widths plus several rock formations and logs. These will test the skills of beginners and experienced riders.

On a raised bridge in the Skills Zone

Dirt tracks need pedal power

Now, my girls love riding their bikes but usually on a smooth cycling path at a park so were novices on a first time off-road adventure.

Alice had no fear and hurtled downwards on the single track at speed slowing only to navigate tight corners and multiple dirt mound jumps. She rode over them but with more practice, I reckon her bike would have been airborne.

There was also a Dad on his bike with his toddler riding fast behind him on a balance bike!

Pedalling down the dirt track

Lucy preferred to tackle the pump track. She was cautious at first and it took time to get the hang of gliding over the dirt mounds – shifting her weight to help keep up her momentum on her bike.

They both tried the different obstacles in the skills zone. But, they were a little scared about riding across the raised wooden bridges and as beginners it proved too hard to master on our first visit.

Riding through the obstacles in the Skills Zone

Children and adults of all skill levels and ages would have fun at the park. My girls took more than a few tumbles and ended up covered in red dirt but after two hours of riding were still smiling.

Bring sunscreen as there’s limited shade and while there’s a bubbler it’d be best to bring plenty of water to drink.

The Playground at Golden Jubilee

It’s a short walk past a soccer oval and baseball field –the home of the Ku-ring-gai Stealers Baseball Club – to Golden Jubilee playground.

The feature of the playground is a mini-city called Junior Jubes.

It includes a pretend bank, hospital, restaurant, ice cream truck and a petrol bowser plus there’s a rubber soft fall cycle way which includes road signs, traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing inside a white picket fence.

There’s plenty of room in the mini-city for imaginative play particularly for toddlers and early primary aged children.

There are also two double-sided park benches where parents can sit.

The entrance to Junior Jubes mini city at Golden Jubilee playground

Golden Jubilee playground’s mini city features a hospital, bank, restaurant and ice cream truck

The other play equipment includes:

  • a rope climbing frame and with a steep metal slide
  • a basket swing and a baby swing with a back rest
  • a four-seated see-saw
  • a cement path ideal for bikes, skateboards and scooters

Older children – like my two girls – spent most of their time on the climbing frame and slide as the other equipment suited younger children.

Rope climbing frame and slide

Four-seated rocker

The playground is surrounded by trees but there wasn’t a lot of shade. It’s not fenced either but is in a quiet suburban street. There are toilets at the baseball field.

Golden Jubilee: Essential Details:

  • Address: Esk Street, North Wahroonga.
  • Getting there: It’s easiest to drive. To find Jubes Mountain Bike Park turn off Esk Street and follow the signs past the local SES and RFS headquarters to a car park. The bike tracks are a short walk away. The playground is at the other end of Esk Street, closest to Huon Road, where there’s free street parking available.
  • Public Transport: If public transport is your only option, take the train to Turramurra station and from there catch a bus to either nearby Westbrook Avenue or Eastern Road. It’d then be a short walk to Esk Street.
  • Closest Coffee: There aren’t any cafes nearby so best to pick-up a coffee at Turramurra or North Wahroonga or BYO.

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