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A brand new way of getting the family to the airport!

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Breakfast activities beats peak hour traffic
Breakfast activities beats peak hour traffic

Going on holidays soon? If you’re already starting to panic about getting the kids out the door and to the airport in Sydney traffic, we can’t wait to tell you about this awesome new option for airport transfers!

Sometimes the stress about getting to the airport can take the shine off a holiday. Whether you choose to drive and park, get the train, book a cab or a shuttle, there are high costs involved and unpredictable Sydney traffic issues to contend with.

Until recently, I thought we had established our best way of getting to the airport with kids in tow, but I’m excited to reveal I’ve discovered a brand new option that means your holiday starts a day early and you don’t pay through the roof for the privilege!

My brother discovered the Park, Stay & Go package at the Holiday Inn at Sydney Airport by accident, when he had forgotten to pre-book parking before a holiday. In a panic, he googled other options – and discovered this awesome package. He was so blown away by the experience, I knew we had to try it for our next jet-setting family holiday.


Much excitement about staying in a fancy hotel room!

This option is absolutely perfect if you’ve got a morning flight or just don’t want to battle with heavy traffic from the North Shore. So when we had a 9.30am mid-week flight to the Sunshine Coast, we just didn’t want the stress about trying to get to the airport by 8.30am during peak hour.

Holiday Inn at Sydney Airport is located about a 5 minute drive from the domestic terminals. You simply drive your car to the hotel the afternoon before and then park it in the secure, underground car park for up to 7 days (the parking is included in the package). After check in, have some dinner, enjoy a good night’s sleep in the super comfy rooms, wake up to a full buffet breakfast, hop on a shuttle bus, and voila  – you’re at the airport in a jiffy.

Honestly, it was the most stress-free start to a holiday we’ve ever had. The packing had to be done the day before we flew, so the holiday begun a day early. We didn’t have to stress about waking up early and getting three kids out the door at some crazy hour whilst worrying about heavy traffic.

And the cost? Very reasonable indeed! The standard Park, Stay and Go package starts at just $239, and includes:

  • Overnight accommodation for up to two adults (kids stay free*)
  • Buffet breakfast for two adults (kids eat free*)
  • Complimentary car parking for up to 7 nights ($20 per night after 7 nights)
  • Return airport transfers for two ($6 each way for additional tickets. Only required for children who need a seat)

Let’s take a look at this in comparison to other options for Sydney airport transfers:

Drive & Park

If you’re going for a short trip, parking and driving in one of the long-term car parks at the station is a great option. But the costs can start to add up for longer stays. If you need to park for 7 days, you’re looking at the following costs:

  • Domestic Blu Emu (15 minute shuttle ride): $89 (unshaded), $175 (shaded)
  • Domestic P2 Self Park (5 minute walk): $217.50
  • Domestic P3 Self Park (8 minute walk): $157.50
  • International P7 Self Park (5 minute walk): $222.50


Getting the train to the airport as a single makes complete financial sense, but if you’re travelling with a family the costs start to add up. Opal card tickets are approx. $17-20 for a single adult and $14 for single child from Gordon to Sydney Airport – costing a family of four approximately $140 for a return journey. And that doesn’t take into account the logistics of getting to the train station or how to juggle all the excess baggage that comes with young children.


Taxis are an easy option for those travelling child-free, but harder to find and more expensive when you need to find a cab that come with pre-installed car seats and can fit the whole family. A quick online quote with a popular taxi service from Gordon to Sydney Airport costs $140-$180 PLUS $10-15 per car seat. So for a family to travel this way, you’re looking at around $400 (varies considerably obviously according to your pick up location and number of passengers). And if you live further up the North Shore, costs obviously increase too!

The verdict

For me, this is a no brainer. If you’ve got a morning flight with the family and don’t want the stress of getting to the airport, the Park Stay & Go package is incredibly good value for all the inclusions (accommodation, breakfast, parking and transfers). And the best thing is, your holiday starts a day early!

For more information about the Holiday Inn Stay Park & Go package, click here

*Kids Stay and Eat Free at Holiday Inn Sydney Airport. For kids under 12 years, and up to 2 children.

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  1. Mireia

    It is good to know! Thank you for sharing it

    20 April 2017 at 8:45 pm Reply
  2. Karen

    And yes, yet another brilliant family option if you have 2 kids. Gets expensive when you have 3, like me and most of my friends.

    20 April 2017 at 4:00 pm Reply

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