The Wellness Corner: Comforting gifts for friends with cancer


For many of us, North Shore Mums Smiles2U is a familiar and beloved name. The locally founded organisation, run by passionate North Shore Mums, have for years been brightening the lives of sick children in hospital with their famous gift bags, chock full of goodies like toys and treats to keep spirits up in the sometimes dreary hospital setting. Now they’ve announced their next venture, an online gift store with gifts for friends with cancer called The Wellness Corner.

When a loved is facing a cancer diagnosis, or struggling through harsh treatments like radiotherapy or chemotherapy, it can be hard to know how to help. Sometimes you worry that you don’t know the right thing to say, or do.

Knowing how difficult it can be to show people living with cancer exactly how much you care, North Shore Mums Smiles 2U has just launched their new project, The Wellness Corner.

The online gift store takes the worry out of choosing something for  loved ones who is unwell in hospital or undergoing chemotherapy. The list of specially curated gifts are tried-and-tested favourites of people who have experienced illness and found them to be practical yet comforting in difficult times.

Here are just some of the reactions recipients have had to the beautiful items bought for the by friends or family.

gifts for friends with cancer

The North Shore Mums Smiles 2U team have launched the Wellness Corner store

Chilly Towel

gifts for friends with cancer

This practical gift is ideal for people undergoing chemotherapy

What is it? Keep yourself cool with the Chilly Towel. They make fabulous gifts for friends with cancer. Chilly Towel is ideal to use during cancer treatment, for outdoor activities, travel, and exercise. With a simple shake of your towel, you can keep cool for ages. To give the Chilly Towel an extra chill, place your wet towel (taken out of the container) in the freezer for up to 10 minutes. It’s unique hyper-evaporative fibre cools to 30° below average body temperature. Your chilly towel stays chilled for hours, is easy to activate and stays fresh when moist in it’s container. It’s also dry to touch and doesn’t saturate your clothing or bed sheets. ($15)

Why was it chosen? This practical gift is ideal for people undergoing chemotherapy, and perfect on hot days when it’s harder to regulate the right temperature.

“I love my chilly towel! It was almost four years ago that I received treatment for breast cancer it left me with an aftermath of hot flushes and the onset of early menopause. If you’ve ever had a hot flush, then you know how awful they can be! When I feel one coming on, I simply wet my towel, give it a shake and pop it around my neck. I’m instantly cooled! I also use it after a workout, and for my kids when they’ve got a fever. It doesn’t soak my clothes or my bed sheets and it stays cool for ages. No refrigeration required. I wouldn’t be without it. In fact- I have four!” – Laura, breast cancer survivor


Inspirational super soft Mink Blanket  

Nice and snug! The snuggly, cheerful blanket in action

What is it? The Super Soft Mink Inspiration Blanket comes in an array of cheerful shades (pink, purple, navy and light blue) and feature text with uplifting messages to lift the spirits of the recipient, such as ‘stay strong’ and ‘breath’. It comes in two sizes and is custom made, so may orders take 1-3 weeks to make and receive.

  • Lounge/Cot size: 140x92cm ($89.95)
  • Single bed size: 210x155cm ($120)

Why was it chosen? Hospitals can be so cold, and often drab, and the air conditioning can’t always be regulated to suit one’s needs, so to have your very own blanket to keep you warm, cheerful and comfortable is a lovely way to make the experience more pleasant. This blanket has three super snuggly layers making it super warm and perfect for cold wards during treatment, recovering watching TV on the lounge on those no-energy days, or just some comfort at night. It’s a gorgeous gift to give someone who needs some comfort and warmth whilst in hospital or at home.

“Our gorgeous blankets can be used in hospital or at home to keep you warm during treatment. Hospitals can be so cold and the air conditioning can’t always be regulated to suit one’s needs, so to have your very own blanket to keep you warm and comfortable is the perfect gift to give someone. The blankets are super soft with 3 layers of soft mink and are printed with an inspirational quote to keep you strong during recovery.” – Michelle Key, North Shore Mums Smiles 2U


Care and Notes Journal 

gifts for friends with cancer

The Care + Notes journal has space for medical info and reflections

What is it?  The Care + Notes Journal is designed to be a beautiful, helpful and supportive tool to accompany you throughout your treatment and to provide you with an organised place to record your medical details: appointments, medications, symptoms and questions. There’s also space to record your thoughts and reflections, and tranquil images are included to allow the eyes and mind to rest. Wonderful gifts for friends with cancer. ($49.95)

Why was it chosen? When you, or a loved one, are going through a serious illness you may feel overwhelmed by information at a time when you are too sick or upset to absorb it. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be an excellent way to come to term with life’s challenges, especially when you are going through cancer or facing any very serious illness. The Care + Notes journal is your journal to write down all your thoughts and feelings during treatment, a specially-designed book that is a blank page to let your mind be free and express everything you are feeling.

“Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your beautiful “Care and Notes” journal. It is truly exquisite and will be an absolutely beautiful gift to those going through the cancer experience. It would be such a beautiful keepsake for loved ones once a family member passes away also. If we had had one when Chris was ill, it would have been so nice to go back and see his handwriting and reflect.” Gail O’Brien, The Chris O’Brien LifeHouse.


You can find out more about the items on offer or make a purchase at The Wellness Corner. Smiles2U will even gift wrap your gift with beautiful packaging. You have the option of sending the gift directly to your loved one or to yourself. All funds raised from The Wellness Corner will assist North Shore Mums Smiles2U in their mission to bring smiles and happiness to patients in hospital and they make great gifts for friends with cancer.


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