The girls weekend in the Blue Mountains… that includes a BUTLER!

Delicious pastries
Delicious pastries

Looking for an incredible house for your girls weekend in the Blue Mountains? Then take a look at Lavender Majestic… the beautiful home in Katoomba where you are pampered, spoilt and looked after from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. NSM Founder Rachel Chappell and Promotions Manager Maryka Stalley were invited by Venus Getaways to stay at the property for a night, and they share their experience…

If you’ve ever been away on a holiday, but not actually felt like you’ve had a proper break, then read on. I’m just going to skip straight to the main point of difference for this girls’ getaway review, because you don’t want to be called away by a needy child or a burnt dinner before you get to it!

This girls weekend in the Blue Mountains is something that every woman (especially mums!) needs to experience at least once in their life. Though be warned… once you’ve experienced it, any other holiday may just not feel the same!

The Butler Service at Lavender Majestic

This girls weekend in the Blue Mountains has one incredible difference… it includes a Butler. Yes, a butler! You don’t need to lift a finger the whole time you are there (well, except to pick up your glass of champagne, or your cutlery to eat your delicious meals).

The butler will serve your drinks, prepare afternoon tea, cook your breakfast, turn down your beds, make your beds in the morning and clean and tidy after you. Yes, really!

As busy mums, we’re often doing all these things for our children (who often can’t appreciate our efforts)… so this is a very rare chance for you to be looked after. You get the royal treatment from the time you arrive, right through to the moment you leave. And the best thing is, it’s a lot more reasonably priced than you’d expect!

Treatment Room

This stunning house in the Blue Mountains has it’s very own Treatment Room! When we were there, we were all treated to a one-hour facial – which quite honestly, was the most relaxing and enjoyable facials I’ve ever had. It was a true pamper experience. Even when the mask was doing its ‘thing’, we got a foot massage. Sublime.

But the icing on the cake for this treatment, was just being able to float back to the sunroom, and having tea brought to you while you slowly came back to reality. No need to hop in the car and deal with Sydney traffic and then whinging children. Just a beautiful home where you could relax, enjoy and be waited upon.

About Lavender Majestic, Blue Mountains

Lavender Majestic is a beautiful house in Katoomba that caters purely for girls weekends – so whether it’s for a milestone birthday, a hen’s night, a baby shower, or just a random excuse to have a few days away for some rest and relaxation – this place is just for women!

It’s a stunningly renovated home – an 1890’s cottage that has been extended upon and lovingly restored to a beautiful private residence. With a hot spa, treatment room on site, beds to die for and several lounge areas to relax in, this really is the perfect venue for a girls getaway in style!

It’s just a short 5-10 minute walk to the centre of Katoomba – which features lots of shops, cafes and fabulous restaurants.

Bedroom Configuration at Lavender Majestic

There are three bedrooms for guests, but if you are going away with friends, you might want to know about the configuration to make sure if suits your group:

  • Bedroom 1 = Queen bed AND Single bed
  • Bedroom 2 = Queen bed
  • Bedroom 3 = 4 King Single beds (in one of the largest bedrooms you’ve ever seen, with its own balcony and lounge area).

So the house can sleep up to 9 people, though if you all want your own bed, then 7 people might be more comfortable. It really just depends how close you are (and if your friends mind snoring!).

Book your girls weekend in the Blue Mountains now!

Weekend getaway packages start at just $565 per person for a 2-night getaway. Click here to view all the packages.


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