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Sparking joy? Here’s where you can donate pre-loved goodies

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donate pre-loved goods Sydney
Support a charity that will make best use of your pre-loved homewares

Decluttering your home and looking to donate quality pre-loved goods in Sydney? Hoping to rehome items to reduce landfill? Look no further! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to giving, so you can KonMari your home with greater responsibility.

The Marie Kondo craze has hit Sydney with the Netflix show, ‘Tidying Up’, creating a wave of declutterers looking to spark joy again in their homes. The consequence of all this ‘tidying up’ is that all your pre-loved goods now need a new home. We have done the research to find the best places to donate pre-loved goods Sydney.

Charity bins across Australia have been overwhelmed, with many goods piling up outside bins, rendering them unusable and unsaleable. It’s important when donating to be mindful of how it will be used again. If you wouldn’t happily hand-down the item to a friend or family member, then it might be served better recycled or re-homed elsewhere.

In her show, Marie Kondo asks you to question whether the item still gives you joy. If it doesn’t, now ask yourself: where will it give joy next? The following guide will hopefully make that question a little easier to answer.

Charity Store Locations

Charity bins are a great spot to donate pre-loved (but good quality) clothes. Just make sure you read the individual bins and only donate stuff that they request… and if the bins are full, don’t dump your belongings next to them.

To find the nearest locations, click on the links below:


donate pre-loved goods Sydney

Find places to donate or recycle clothes depending on the item or charity you want to support

Mummies Paying it Forward is an incredible organisation who provide pre-loved goods to those most in need. They support Life Without Borders, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, The Generous and Grateful, Foster Care Angels, Dandelion Support Network, Mums 4 Refugees, Save the Children and more.

There are more than 30 drop-off points across Sydney, with many volunteers generously donating space at their home. Email [email protected], with your suburb in the subject line to find your closest location.

Otherwise, drop off goods during business hours at:

Fitted for Work is a non-profit organisation to aim to empower disadvantaged women and find economic independence through direct donations, employment services, and advocacy. They are a great place to donate pre-loved goods in Sydney.

Help women find meaningful work by donating good quality business and work attire at its Parramatta Dressing Room, Monday-Thursday between 10am–3pm.

Donations can be delivered to Suites 37 & 38a, 70 Phillip Street, Parramatta. Contact the office on (02) 9635 9909 beforehand to notify of the delivery time.

Dress for Success is a charity that helps improve the employability of women in need. Help to empower women and find employment by donating good quality business and interview quality attire, shoes, jewellery, scarves, handbags (briefcases, portfolios, etc) unopened toiletries, and unopened makeup.

Donations can be provided at: 132 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.

Shoes for Planet Earth is a charity that provides running shoes to those in need around the world. There are drop off points across the North Shore in suburbs including Hornsby, Roseville, Crows Nest, Mosman and more. Website.

H&M: Recycle or upcycle your old and unsaleable items by handing clothing over the counter at stores located in:

  • Macquarie Centre
  • Westfield Chatswood
  • Warringah Mall

Local Daycares are often looking for spare clothes to provide the children when needed. A great place for unsaleable clothes to get a second life.

King Cotton coordinates the recycling and reuse of clothing in Australia. Collection bins are located across the North Shore, including Macquarie Park, Hornsby, Chatswood, and Ryde. Find your closest collection point.

Towels & Bedding

Annual Welfare League NSW: is a non-profit working to provide all companion animals a loving home through rehoming, education and discount desexing programs. You can help the organisation by donating old towels, blankets, dog mats, wading pools, baby monitors, cameras (Gopro for monitoring behaviours), food, toys, cardboard boxes, and more. Please do not donate any quilts.

Drop off location: Kemps Creek Shelter, 1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek. Call (02) 8899 3333 to discuss possible drop-offs at local branches.

Local vets: Many local vets would gladly accept your old towels and bedding for their practice.

Books, CDs, DVDs & Stationary

Street Libraries: is a community initiative helping people share the joy of reading by sharing books with others in the area. Libraries are often located in local parks and offer those in the community to enjoy a book for free and pay it forward to someone else. Click here to find the closest street library near your suburb.

donate pre-loved items Sydney

Local libraries also love getting donations of book. If they not suitable for loaning, they will sell them and put the funds back into purchasing other books for the library.

North Shore Mums Smiles2U is a local organisation started by three North Shore Mums, who create and deliver care packages to sick children and their families at hospital. The organisation accepts unused colouring-in books, pencils, stickers, and craft items for care packages. Find your nearest drop off point. 

Local hospitals and doctor surgeries will often accept old magazine for patient waiting rooms.   

Baby Equipment & Kids Toys

donate pre-loved goods Sydney

Discover where your pre-loved toys can find their next home.

Dandelion Support Network: supports vulnerable families by providing much-needed goods such as all baby goods (baths, bottles, bassinets/cribs/beds, breast pumps, breast pads, car capsules, etc), toys, CDs & DVDs for children, decor and more. Click here to find out when the next donation day is being held. 

Mummies Paying it Forward also accept baby/children’s clothing and essentials, nursery items, and toys. See drop off locations in the ‘clothes’ section at the top of this article.

Peninsula Seniors Toy Recyclers brings together Senior Citizens to repair toys and donate them to various organisations such as Camp Quality and Stewart House.

Donations can be dropped off at the following libraries.

  • Manly
  • Mona Vale

A collection point is also located at Kimbriki Tip, ask the attendant on location.

Local playgroups: a great place to donate pre-loved goods Sydney. Playgroups often use pre-loved toys for their groups and some may gladly accept your donations.

Homewares & Electronics

donate pre-loved goods Sydney

Support a charity that will make best use of your pre-loved homewares

The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre aims to reduce landfill by repairing, recycling and reselling items to support survivors of domestic abuse, including Wagec, Mary’s House, Bonnie and Mission Parramatta. It also provides free household goods to Refugees and asylum seekers.

There is a free collection service for household furniture, bikes, building materials, bric-a-brac and books in good condition. You request pick-up via the web booking tool.

Generous and Grateful is a non-profit aiming to help uplift the lives of those most disadvantaged. It collects essential furniture and white goods, beds and mattresses, sofas, TVs, washing machines, fridges, computers, dining table and chairs, drawers, coffee tables to help those in need. In particular, The Generous and Grateful focus on supporting those at risk of homelessness, such as refugees, youth at risk and domestic violence survivors.

Pick-up is available, but as a volunteer-run organisation, delivery of items is greatly appreciated. Use the donate page to arrange your donation.  

Mummies Paying it Forward accept pots & pans, dinner sets & cutlery, glassware, linen, blankets & towels, laundry detergent, baskets & pegs (brand new). Drop off locations in the ‘clothes’ section at the top of this article. 

Local Freecycling and Recycling Facebook Groups

Are we missing any? We’d LOVE to hear your suggestions too about where to donate pre-loved goods. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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  • Laura Mooney
    Laura Mooney

    Thank you so much for this! I have been worried that in the Tidying Up TV shows there has been little attention paid to re-use and recycling.
    I would just like to add that my local Goodwill Op Shop in Lane Cove is fabulous and they have a larger store in Brookvale too.

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