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Natalie Bassingthwaighte on the best and worst of being a mum

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Not only is Natalie Bassingthwaighte a singer, actor, TV presenter AND the brains behind children’s clothing line Chi Khi, but she’s now the face of Reading Eggs, a program designed to help kids develop language skills. She talks to NSM about her own Chi Ki kids, six-year-old Harper and three-year-old Hendrix and why her husband Cam is the best dad on the block.


Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Nat, you’re a loving mum of two kids. What do you think is the toughest part of being a mum? What’s the most rewarding?

The toughest part is the sleep deprivation, especially when they are little… and also balance. The most rewarding is watching them grow into themselves and watching them conquer their fears.

How does motherhood change when your second bub comes along?

It is harder but at the same time it doesn’t stress you out as much as you are more prepared. I love it though. If I was younger I would have had many more.

What surprised you the most about becoming a mum in terms of how your life changed?

It changed in every way. When my milk came in I had no idea about that, the sleepless nights, the emotions. But also realising that the kids are the most important things in your life and always trying to figure out the work/ life balance.

Can you share your ‘mum hacks’ that help keep everyone on schedule? 

We have worked out that no TV in the morning helps keep the mornings running on schedule and definitely planning ahead and organising yourself as much as you can the night before.   

How do you and your husband share the workload so the family can balance? 

Cam is a wonderful husband and very hands on with the kids – we share the juggle.  I am also a big planner and love lists – I plan the week ahead and where I can will organise myself the night before the next day to ensure we get everything done. Cameron is very hands on and we share the load. We do make a conscious effort though to have quality time with the children and also quality child free work time, so we aren’t trying to do everything at once.

What’s the relationship like between Harper and Hendrix? Are they rough and tumble together, competitive, or playful?

They are so great together, Harper is very nurturing and almost always includes him in everything…. almost always!

What are some of your favourite books to read with Harper and Hendrix, or their fave books?

Harper loves most books, however at the moment we are having fun with Dr Seuss. At the moment Hendrix is loving Digger books and one in particular called Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site.

What was Harper and Hendrix’s reactions to Reading Eggs? Has their reading improved?

They absolutely love it! Hendrix who never showed much interest in books or reading beforehand is obsessed!  Hendrix (3.5) is really starting to recognise letters and the sounds they make and is much more interested in books, while Harper’s reading has really improved during the course of using the program. Her reading is more fluent and I have noticed a huge improvement with her sight words.

What drew you to Reading Eggs?

I really love that it is a fun and interactive way to learn to read. I’m always looking for ways to engage my kids in books and Reading Eggs is a winner. It helps that my kids genuinely love the program! We love the rewards element which also keeps them motivated.

What would you say to other mums struggling to get their children to read?

Find books they are interested and read to them every day – make it a ritual, make it fun. Also Reading Eggs – it really does help!  There is a competitive element which works too with keeping them motivated to keep going – its very engaging and rewarding


ABC Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning online reading program for ages 3–13. Want to try ABC Reading Eggs for FREE? Simply register before Friday 30 September, 2016 to start your 5-week trial. Sign up here.

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