Therapy & Learning Centre provides physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for babies, children and adolescents.

We can assist children who have difficulties with their fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, pencil grip, handwriting skills and posture. We also do school readiness checks for preschoolers.

Our physiotherapists can help babies and toddlers who may favour turning their heads to one side or who have flattening of one side of their heads; who may be struggling with their movement skills (e.g. tummy time, crawling, walking); and also toddlers who have gait difficulties (e.g. tripping frequently, toe walking, flat feet, pigeon toeing).

Our occupational therapists can help preschoolers with fine motor skills such as cutting and drawing.  They are able to help school aged children with handwriting, tying shoelaces, cutting and cutlery skills.

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