We at BeachLife Physiotherapy care deeply about our community, and we know at the centre of all families are mums who run the show.

It is our mission to bring better health and quality of life to the people of the North Shore and in particular, mums and their families who are always on the go. We are not only passionate about treating injuries from sport and living an active lifestyle, but general niggles and pain from everyday life. You may find it is hard as a mum to set aside time in your busy schedule for some R&R. We understand and we can help you!

At BeachLife Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on treating you in a 1:1 hands-on setting and prioritise you and your needs above all else. If you are looking for pain relief, injury recovery, women’s health, or post operative care, the BeachLife team is here for you!

To complement our physiotherapy services, we also offer remedial massage with our physiotherapists to assist you when you are feeling a bit tight and stiff.

In addition to physio & massage treatments, we run group exercise classes specialising in injury recovery, prevention, pain management and overall well-being. These classes will help you improve your strength, mobility, injury resilience and generally make all of your daily tasks like carrying the kids so much easier.

Taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to help you take care of your family, but sometimes the family will need a bit of extra attention as well. We treat painful conditions and injuries in children from the age of 5 and up, from sprains and strains to growing pains.

And let’s not forget those partners in our lives who seem to have those ever-present niggles and pains. Book your partner in at BeachLife and let them do the complaining to us, we’ll have them fixed and back to you, complaint free in no time.

We at BeachLife Physiotherapy look forward to assisting you and your family in achieving your best health and vitality yet!


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