Dolphin Tribe offers evidence-based assessment, diagnosis and holistic treatment for Children and Adults in Sydney, Australia.

We offer comprehensive, high-quality mental health services for Children and Adults. Our specialist practioners have relavent experience and specialist training in the areas they practice.
Our expert educational and child psychologists provide comprehensive psychological assessment and testing services to Children and Adults.

  • Highly regarded expert team with decades of experience in mental health.
  • Gold standard psychological testing and assessment service.
  • Integrated Psychiatry and Psychology practice offering short overall wait-times for assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • We are a multi-cultural team reflecting Sydney’s diverse community, and offer an inclusive, non-judgemental service.
  • Offer a hybrid (Telehealth and Face-to-face) model of care as appropriate to meet clinical needs of the patients using modern technology.
  • We specialise in providing comprehensive psychological and psychiatric services.
  • Our specialists and professionals specialise in:

Psychiatry and Psychological Services

Academic Anxiety
Adjustment difficulties with pregnancy
Antenatal depression
Complex Trauma
Developmental Delays
Doctor’s Mental Health
Intellectual Disability
Gender Dysphoria
Gifted and Talented issues
Giftedness & Twice Exceptionality
Grief associated with fertility and perinatal loss
Intellectual Disability
Men’s mental health
Mood disorders
School Refusal
Personality disorders
Postnatal depression
Postpartum Psychosis, etc.
Psychosis, etc
Psychotic disorders
Sleep-wake disorders

Psychotherapy (all ages)
Adult Psychotherapy
Parent-Child Psychotherapy
Family Therapy
Play therapy
Many more…

Psychological Assessments and Testing (all ages)
Autism (ASD) assessment (ADI-R/ADOS-2)
Cognitive Assessment(WISC, WPPSI, etc)
ADHD Assessments (Conners 3/4, etc.).
Educational and Assessment of Specific Learning Disabilities (SpLDs) [Dyslexia](

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