Holistic Online Learning and Homeschool Support

A child centred approach; reminding students of their strengths and building on what they already know and how they learn best. Working together to help reignite the lifelong love of learning. Virtually, side by side. 

Individual and group Zoom sessions available. 

Homeschool support.  
Assisting with:

– questions around homeschooling and taking the leap

– the application process & wrting Education Plans

– supporting the learning journey (tuition/ lessons etc)

– accountability coach

– facilitating local social connections

Amanda is a highly qualified classroom teacher, learning support specialist and literacy and mathematics coach with a Master of Literacy and 25  years experience working in a range of leading private schools in Sydney, International Baccalaureate schools in the United States and a variety of primary schools in Queensland.

Amanda believes in a holistic approach to learning and ensures relationship quality is at the centre of all she does. She values building a posit

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