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Being a mum means being the person your kids come to with the big questions, the big issues or just things they’re interested in learning more about. Whether it’s dealing with the loss of a loved one, a bully on the bus or learning about inclusivity and diversity, here are some books to have on hand for when you can’t find the words.

Questions about: Bodies and Safety

My Body! What I Say Goes! by Jayneen Sanders, Anna Hancock (Illustrator)

Teaches children body safety, safe/unsafe touch, private parts, secrets/surprises, consent, respect.

Approximately 20% of girls, and 8% of boys will experience sexual abuse before their 18th birthday (Pereda, et al, 2009). The crucial skills taught in this book will help children to protect their bodies from inappropriate touch. Children will be empowered to say in a strong and clear voice, “This is my body! What I say goes!” Through age-appropriate illustrations and engaging text this book, written by the author of ‘No Means No!’ and ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’, will teach children the following crucial and empowering skills in personal body safety: – identifying safe and unsafe feelings – recognizing early warning signs – developing a safety network – using the correct names for private parts – understanding the difference safe and unsafe touch – understanding the difference between secrets and surprises – respecting body boundaries.

Questions about: Potty training

On My Potty by Leslie Patricelli

There comes a point in a toddler’s life when going in one’s nappy is only one possible option, and the question must be raised: Should I go in my potty? With pitch-perfect humor and pacing, Leslie Patricelli follows the inner dialogue (sure to have little ones shouting responses) and hilarious actions of everyone’s favorite Baby, winding up with an over-the-top expression of surprise and delight that will have both parents and offspring laughing out loud. “I did it!”

  • Hands down, the funniest potty book on the market.
  • Hilarious look at Baby’s thought process as he decides whether to use the potty.
  • Ideal for use as an entertaining toilet-training tool!

Once Upon a Potty (Boy or Girl editions available) by ALONA FRANKEL

This is THE potty training book. It has it all, bright graphics, simple language, fun story and an anatomically correct hero. With an edition for each gender, the book relates directly to the child, making the potty-training process relatable and easy to understand.

With Once Upon a Potty, a parent reads the book to their child or allows the child to read it while on the potty. Not surprisingly, the book takes some wear. This new board book edition will withstand such heavy use and survive the occasional water spill too.

Questions about: Bullying

Bullies Don’t Rule by Nichloas Bold and mum Jaclyn Bold

Bullies Don’t Rule! What do you think happened to Billy when he gave a kid a wedgie? What did Sally’s mum do when she found bullying in her emails? Read these and other great stories to find out! Bullies Don’t Rule! That is the message every child should understand. This book is a collection of short stories about bullying, written by a 10 year old kid, for other kids and their parents.

  • Use this book to open up conversations about bullying with your kids
  • Designed for parents to read to younger children and for older children to read themselves
  • Perfect for kids aged 4 -12 years old
  • Learn simple ways to teach your kids how to deal with bullying
  • Understand warning signs to look out for if your child is being bullied
  • Read about bullying from a child’s and parent’s perspective

Bully Blocking: Six Secrets to Help Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying by Evelyn M. Field

This confidence-boosting book aims to help children overcome the damaging effects of teasing and bullying, and to develop practical skills and attitudes to improve their self-esteem and quality of life. This second edition of “Bully Blocking” (originally published under the title “Bully Busting”) is based on Evelyn Field’s ‘Secrets of relating’, a six-step model that has proved highly successful in her counselling work with young people. The first part of the book helps parents understand what happens when their children are bullied and provides useful approaches for changing the attitude of children who may feel there is no hope.

The second part provides a programme of activities with an emphasis of fun, helping children to understand their feeling and develop effective methods of counteracting bullying situations, including improving self-esteem, building support networks and communicating confidently. This book will be an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, educators and counsellors working with children at risk of or experiencing bullying.

Questions about: Death and Grieving

Finn’s Feather  by Rachel Noble, Zoey Abbott (Illustrator)

Finn knows his brother is gone. But he also knows that Hamish sent the beautiful white feather on his doorstep.

Finn runs to shows his mother the feather from Hamish, but she only gives him a big hug. In school, Finn’s teacher responds similarly. Why isn’t anyone as excited as he is? Finn sits quietly, cradling the beautiful, amazing feather. “Why did Hamish give it to you?” asks his friend, Lucas. “Maybe he wanted to say hi?” wonders Finn. “Maybe,” Lucas says, “Hamish wanted you to have fun with it.”

Finn’s Feather is a story about resilience and memory about a child, his brother, and a friend who meets him where he is.

Questions about: Starting School

First Day by Andrew Daddo, Jonathan Bentley (Illustrator)

Are you ready? It’ll be fun! You’ll make new friends. New BFFs! You might have to be a bit brave … It’s the first day of school, but who is the most nervous about the big day?

An adorable picture book about first-day nerves from the team who brought you I DO IT and CHECK ON ME.

Questions about: Different kinds of families

Just the Way We Are by Jessica Shirvington

Meet Anna, Chiara, Henry, Izzy and Jack.

Their families might not look like your family, but that’s okay … they’re perfect, just the way they are!

From bestselling author Jessica Shirvington and much-loved illustrator Claire Robertson comes a gorgeous, heart-warming new picture book, celebrating families of every shape and size!


I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox and RONOJOY GHOSH (Illustrator)

“I’m Australian! How about you?”

Many people from many places have come across the seas to make Australia their home. How Australian is that? From countries near and far, many have made their home in Australia, sharing it with the original inhabitants, and living in peace beneath the Southern Star. Mem Fox celebrates Australia’s incredible multicultural heritage in this beautiful book illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh.


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