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5 uncomfortable pregnancy issues (and what to do about them)

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Ahhh, pregnancy! It’s meant to one of womanhood’s great adventures, but growing a whole new human inside you is often far from fun. Here are some of the most “pressing” issues many pregnant women face, and what to do about them with new (or just beloved) products from Maternity Intimate Wear.

1. General Discomfort / Trouble Sleeping / Sleep Apnoea

In the second and third trimesters of  pregnancy, life can become uncomfortable! Problems can include back pain, difficulty getting comfortable enough to sleep, and sleep apnoea. Many pregnancy sleep struggles come from just not being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Sleeping on your stomach reduces snoring, back pain and sleep apnoea which are common during pregnancy.

Suggestion: It is difficult to sleep comfortably on your stomach as your belly grows, so try a full body support pillow or a specially designed sleep aid like the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow.


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2. Leg Cramps

During the second half of your pregnancy you can experience leg cramps. It is unknown what leads to these painful spasms in the calves, but it could be the compression of blood vessels in the legs and the fatigue you experience as you carry that extra pregnancy weight. A good way to help prevent or decrease these cramps is to begin stretching your legs, light pregnancy safe workouts or gently bouncing on an exercise ball to strengthen your legs and back.

Suggestion: A Sanctband Exercise Ball and Sanctband Loop Band 13” – Peach or Orange for light resistance can be used to reduce leg cramps.

You can prevent or decrease cramps by gently bouncing on an exercise ball or stretching

3. Back Pain / Back & Belly Support

During your pregnancy you are likely to experience some back and joint pain which can be frustrating and make it hard to participate in everyday activities. Over tummy briefs or a pregnancy belt can help facilitate proper posture and support your lower back and bump during day to day activities to decrease pain. It supports the uterus and reduces discomfort from movement during day to day activities, as well as keeping your back and bump warm.

Suggestion: Try the Cantaloop Over the Pregnancy Tummy Briefs or Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt, which provides this support to help ease your muscles.

Over tummy briefs can help facilitate proper posture and support your lower back and bump

4. Post-Natal

After giving birth postpartum bleeding can last up to six weeks. Postpartum bleeding is just like a heavy period made up of leftover blood, tissue and mucus. During this time tampons are off-limits, so you have to rely on pads, especially if you are also experiencing urinary incontinence. Post natal pants offer a comfortable fit to secure the pad effectively.  Post Natal Pants offer a comfortable and secure fit.

Shapewear is often used to help your body bounce back after pregnancy. It can give you an improved silhouette while letting you remain comfortable all day and will help you feel instantly slimmer and more confident. Wearing our shapewear is recommended 3-4 weeks after giving birth.

After birth, Post Natal Pants can offer a comfortable and secure fit for peace of mind

Suggestion: Our range of Cantaloop Shapewear includes bodysuits, boxers, briefs and under bust dresses for any occasion.

5. Nursing / Breast Feeding

When you begin nursing your baby, your breasts can become tender, uncomfortable and painful. Invest in a few nursing bras! Look for bras that do not have an underwire, and are soft, comfortable and practical, yet are still able to support your breasts. Designed to accommodate changing breast sizes, meaning you won’t have to keep buying new ones throughout your post-natal period. The nursing bra comes with conveniently placed clasps that are easy to open and close and can even be done with one hand, allowing quick access to the breasts.

Suggestion: A Cantaloop Nursing Camisole offers a two-in-one solution and have the same benefits and features, but with an added layer of warmth underneath your clothing allowing you to breastfeed without exposing your belly.

Cantaloop bras don’t have underwire, are soft, comfortable and practical, and support breasts


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