Stress free splits: A new way to finance divorce


Deciding to divorce can be a scary moment. Letting go of the life you know and stepping into the unknown takes courage, strength, and in many cases, practical support like cash, a place to stay and help with the kids. If you’re a mum who has limited money of your own, or you don’t don’t how you’ll handle the costs that come with a split, it can be even more intimidating. But there are services who can work to support you during a separation, so you can live the life you want, with peace of mind. 

It’s no secret that splitting with a partner can come with skyrocketing stress levels, unexpected emotions and, when you’re trying to wade your way though paperwork and assets division with nobody to help, it can also feel intensely lonely.

And for many mums, the disadvantages in a divorce start from day one. For those without income of their own (or ready access to savings) just the concept of coming up with cash to pay your way through a separation is the first stumbling block in a split.

But there’s a way for women to level the playing field when it comes to financing a divorce.

Instead of guess-timating what you’ll spend in the process, and asking family or your mates for a loan, or saving what you can and feeling sick in the stomach every time a new bunch of invoices appears in your mailbox, you can work with RateSetter Legal Finance.

There are specialised services that can assist with the stress of divorce bills so you can relax

What’s different for mums who use RateSetter Legal Finance?

RateSetter specialise in providing simple and fair loans to people going through divorce and separation. They lend funds to people to pay legal fees and other expenses when they have limited cash now but will come into cash once the divorce is finalised. It is from the future divorce settlement proceeds that the loan is repaid

RateSetter Legal Finance operates with a philosophy that everyone has a right to access legal advice. Unlike you, they’ve been through a lot of splits and know what to expect. They’re bound to act ethically and will not burden someone with a debt if they are unable to repay it once the divorce is finalised, – that’s not consistent with their goal of helping people. They are a responsible lender, not a litigation funder who speculates in court proceedings.

The primary purpose of their loans is for legal fees, but in most circumstances they can assist with a personal payment for living costs, school fees, refinancing high cost credit card debts or loans to family members and more.

All mums deserve a level playing field in a split, and the best financial result for the kids

Signing off on a split can be less stressful if your bills are streamlined into one loan

How does it work?

  1. RateSetter Legal Finance can arrange a one-stop loan designed to cover the expenses you’ll face in a separation
  2. Along the way they pay lawyer bills, and other costs, so you don’t have to handle a stack of monthly bills
  3. The loan is repaid out of the money you receive when your property settlement resolves in the future
  4. Keep in mind that RateSetter needs a formal relationship with your lawyer to proceed with the loan. If you have a lawyer, RateSetter can speak to them about working together, and if you don’t have one yet, RateSetter can recommend ones they know and trust.

What some advantages of a RateSetter Legal Loan?

  • RateSetter helps support stay-at-home mums who have limited access to cash (whose husbands often have income to pay fees) This stops the other side from using the legal system to their advantage, forcing mums to accept an unfair settlement
  • It’s useful for working mums who have costs like food or school fees- giving back control of finances during a tough time
  • It’s affordable – cheaper than credit cards and many personal loans, and in most instances there are no repayments until the end of the legal matter

RateSetter supports stay-at-home mums with limited cash (or whose husbands have income)

What other options do people look at for finance?

  •     Asking family and friends and having that awkward conversation (plus the painful payback process)
  •     Asking your ex to pay both sets of lawyers (theirs and yours), or to hand over money so you can meet costs
  •     Asking the court to make an order directing your soon-to-be-ex to pay (which is not simple nor enjoyable)
  •     Selling big ticket items like a home (which may require your spouse to agree) or selling smaller items
  •     Borrowing from the bank – either jointly drawing on the mortgage, or taking a personal loan as an individual
  •     Settling early,  for less than your are entitled, simply to get it over with so you can limit costs
  •     Asking your lawyer to defer their fees until the matter is resolved and hoping they will agree

When should I contact RateSetter?

It’s best to contact RateSetter once you have engaged a lawyer, and then they’ll will work closely (and confidentially) with them. And should you not have a lawyer yet, RateSetter can help give recommendations of ones they know and trust.

Contact RateSetter once you have engaged a lawyer, and they’ll will work with them

For a confidential discussion, call 1300 861 410 or email For more information or to submit an application, click here.  RateSetter is a nationally regulated loan service, with the fees and charges monitored by ASIC. They are bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act to lend responsibly to consumers.

If you are experiencing a relationship breakdown and seeking legal advice, RateSetter Legal Finance may be able to assist you with paying your legal fees (and living costs). RateSetter is Australia’s leading provider of specialist loans for divorce and separation. They exist to provide people with access to justice, empowering mums to obtain the lawyer they deserve, and to remove the dependence on others.  They have specialist staff who understand the family law process and they work together with your lawyer to pay the fees directly, and to ensure you receive the advice you need. With no out of pocket payments until the divorce is finalised, call 1300 861 410 for a confidential discussion, or click here to find out more  or  click here to apply.


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