How to organise your linen closet


One of the easiest and most satisfying (and my most favourite!) places to declutter is the linen closet.
 It has instant impact. The satisfaction and ease of being able to close the doors and not have an overflow of towels and sheets fall on you is immense.

Unorganised linen cupboard

Does your linen cupboard look a bit like this?

Step 1. Take out all your towels

How many do you have? Be honest. How many do you really need?

I believe two bath towels per person is enough. A special set aside for guests is okay too. A beach towel or two for each person is sufficient. 
Everyone needs a couple of older towels for mopping up spills or mini floods – let’s store those in the laundry.

Step 2. Refold the ‘keeper’ towels

I like to half, half again, then thirds and display with the smooth folded edge on the outside.

Step 3. Repeat above two steps for sheets

Again ask yourself, how many do you really need? A summer set or two, a winter set or two, and that’s about it.

Now is also the time to evaluate what else is stored in your linen closet. It often becomes the place to stow away items that don’t have a home. If you have the space and it works for you to store your picnic gear for example, there then go for it. Be tough on yourself though and remove items that don’t belong there, and if you haven’t needed it in a year, you probably don’t, so donate or sell it.

When you reduce the quantity, you in turn reduce the stress of finding what you are looking for, the time spent looking for it and the amount of laundry in your home. Be organised is not about your home looking perfect, it’s about arranging needed items in a logical and useful way.

So now what do you do with all those extras? Donate the towels to an animal charity or your local vets. Choose a couple to be stored in the shed or garage as drop sheets and donate the rest to charity.

And remember when you buy a new set of towels or sheets, the same number need to leave the linen closet. One in, one out.

Good luck and happy decluttering!


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