Mercy Catholic College is a Catholic secondary school for girls, Years 7 to 12, located in the heart of Chatswood.

Proudly founded in the Mercy charism, our College is part of the Catholic Schools Broken Bay, a system of schools whose mission it is to provide an authentic, professional Catholic education delivered with care and compassion.

The College has a long history of academic excellence. We believe that outstanding education fosters individual growth. Our team of highly qualified and professional teachers provide students with engaging learning experiences that cater for all learners.

The College encourages the development of the whole person and offers numerous opportunities for students to participate in mission and co-curricular sports and activities. Over 30 programs are offered, including a variety of Sport, Creative and Performance Arts, Mission & Social Justice and special interest clubs.

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  1. Maureen Knox
    Maureen Knox

    Mercy Catholic College in Chatswood is an excellent school that has good pastoral care and supports girls in their learning, sporting and co-curricular activities. There are a lot of programs for girls to get involved in and to help them achieve the most from their education.

    3 May 2021 at 11:20 am
  2. Catherine

    My daughter is in year 8 at Mercy Catholic College and I am so pleased that we chose to send her there. The staff not only care about the girls’ academic outcomes, but they also make a lot of effort to care for and support their wellbeing. My daughter’s head of year is excellent. He genuinely cares about the outcomes for all the girls and he really sees the benefit of a building a positive home/school relationship. There are many other teachers I could credit also. I have heard many parents say that when they visited Mercy Catholic College, the manner and behaviour of the girls really attracted them to the school and I have to agree with this.

    16 November 2016 at 12:16 pm
  3. Phillipa Sobb
    Phillipa Sobb

    Mercy Catholic College is a positive and caring environment for girls to learn, make friends and grow. Girls are supported in their educational goals and the wide variety of extra activities they can be involved in creates a wonderful community. The regular social justice activities available and the commitment to the Catholic faith ensures the girls graduate with a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to look after those less fortunate than themselves.

    16 November 2016 at 12:12 pm

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