Looking for a Sydney mortgage broker to help you with your home loan?

  • Simple process
  • Best rates
  • The features you need
  • Fast turnaround
  • Honest advice

Welcome, I am Nadia Kostadinova, Sydney-based mortgage broker with a mission to help you purchase your dream home.

I am the founder of Nadias Loans, personal mortgage business, serving the North Shore and the entire Sydney metropolitan area.

I offer knowledge, experience and care during challenging times when you are looking to finance your biggest dream. My 20 years of experience in banking and finance and thousands of hours dealing with excited and frustrated first home buyers have thought me how to take the stress away so you can enjoy the process. 

Whether you’re buying your first home, upsizing, looking to invest or simply wanting to refinance – my mission is to provide professional and personal advice to save you time, money and stress!

WORK WITH ME to help you make YOUR dreams come true.

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