Feel like your Home Loan rate isn’t fair?

Craggle helps existing mortgage holders find a fairer interest rate on their home loan.  

Amazingly, 81% of mortgage holders have reduced discretionary spending to afford their home loan.

If you’re paying more than 6.20%p.a. on your Home Loan, you could be paying too much!

How is Craggle different?

Craggle uses group bargaining power to help you renegotiate a fairer rate with our existing home loan provider (meaning you may not need to refinance to get a better deal); and we also source alternative refinance options for you to compare.

What’s the process?

The process is simple and easy for people (like Mum’s) that are time poor:

Step 1 – Complete Craggle’s 5-minute sign up process

Step 2 – Craggle groups customers together to increase their bargaining power, this takes about 1 week

Step 3 – We provide options (renegotiate or refinance) for you to choose from within your personal dashboard.


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