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Bringing a smile to Parents, Carers and Children during their hospital stay.

Smiles2U is all about bringing care and comfort to the many children, adults and carers who pass through the doors of our local hospitals every day.

Smiles2U is run by a team of passionate Mums who want to make a hospital visit for your child a happier one.

Smiles2U is a Registered Charity in New South Wales.

The Philosophy of North Shore Mums Smiles2U is that everyone deserves the chance to SMILE.

Even when life is at its hardest moment.

NSM Smiles2U is a registered charity and as such we have an obligation to follow the guidelines outlined in our governing documents.

Who we can help:

  • Provide age appropriate care packs for children who are in an Emergency Hospital facility
  • Provide essential care packs for people in an Emergency Hospital facility
  • Provide essential care packs to persons directly affected by a natural disaster
  • Provide essential care packs to a person assisting with the recovery efforts following a natural disaster
  • Provide cancer care packs for a person undergoing initial cancer treatment

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