Super Kids Behavioural Consulting is a paediatric behaviour consultation service based in Gladesville, who travel throughout the lower north shore and inner west to provide accessible home-based or in-centre Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) interventions to assist children from the ages of 18 months to 12 years.

Services we provide: 

Early intensive behaviour intervention: We provide ongoing high-quality early intensive behaviour intervention for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related intellectual and developmental disabilities. All programs are individualised to the child, their needs and the needs of your family. Each program will be designed and delivered in a way that suits you!

Toilet Training: We offer individualised research based toilet training programs for all children, which can either provide you with the plan to implement a toilet training plan at home on your own or we assist with any in-depth concerns or barriers during an intensive in-home session.

Sleep Solutions: We offer individualised research based sleep programs to neurodiverse children aged 2-12 years . We can either provide you with the plan to implement or we can attend home consultation visits during the day and evening to provide you with the extra support you may need to complete this important journey. This service is best suited for children who actively avoid or delay going to bed and then have difficulty dropping off to sleep. Or for children who don’t currently sleep in their own bed or wake too early in the mornings or throughout the night.

We aim to enhance, educate and support families through proven scientific methods and real life experience to achieve their child’s potential. Our mission is to provide high quality, individualised behaviour based services to children and their families. In short, we teach kids how to learn.

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