Relationships Australia NSW is a non-profit organisation specialising in counselling, mental health support, family mediation, workshops, and tailored support services across NSW.  

For 75 years we’ve worked with people, couples, families and communities to help them make positive choices about their relationships and life situations, strengthen bonds, and manage conflict and change. No matter what your background, family structure, gender, age or sexual orientation is, we’re here for you. 

We Provide Help in Challenging Times
We offer support to empower people to build and sustain relationships that are safe, respectful and strong. Driven by an understanding that relationships are at the heart of how we live as individuals and societies, and that they have the power to transform lives, our services include:

A caring, safe and supportive space to talk through any difficulties or challenges in your relationships. For individuals, families, and couples.

Also known as Family Dispute Resolution. Professional support to help with decision-making or communication if you’re separating or divorcing.

Tailored Services
Services for specific challenges and individuals, from resilience training to trauma-specific support services and adoption support.

Online Courses
Self-guided online learning that you can access anytime, and anywhere. Build your skills at your own pace.

We’re Here Beside You Through it All
Choose a concern you may need support with below, to see the services we offer.


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