Empowering you to reach your full potential through transformative counselling and coaching.

Relationships & Couples
Couples become stronger leaders within their families, fostering a stronger and more united bond.

Individuals align their lives with purpose and values, enabling them to thrive in all areas.

ADHD Coaching
Helps people with ADHD develop strategies and skills to improve various aspects of their lives, including academics, work, relationships, and daily functioning.

Team Coaching
Teams connect and engage with one another, unlocking their collective potential for the benefit of their peers and companies.

Business Coaching
Business owners develop strategies to thrive and truly enjoy their entrepreneurial journey.

Coach4U Introduction Phone Call – 30 minutes.

The purpose of this call is to be able to discuss your initial Goals and to assess if there is a good connection between Coach and Client.

Feedback From Our Clients
I decided to work with Coach4U as I really liked the way they focused on the strengths rather than weaknesses. It is amazing how things have changed for me and the team. Now, I actually enjoy spending time with them again—and they actually want to stay!

I have worked with Coach4U twice now and highly recommend it. Their coaching helps you take back control of your life by focusing on the key areas you need to make a change in.

I wanted to work with Coach4U because I was having a hard time dealing with one of my employees. She had amazing technical abilities, but it seemed like she was losing staff because of how she interacted with them. Since being coached, our relationship has completely changed for the better! I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

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