Nomad Chiropractic is a Family Wellness Chiropractic clinic in Mosman run by Chiropractors: Lucy Bartlett, Kristin Webb, Olivia ‘Olly’ Kerr and Sandy Ghobrial; working alongside Naturopath Phoebe Jobson of Nutmeg Naturopathy.

With a focus on perinatal and paediatric care, the chiropractors use a combination of low force techniques as unique as the individual.
From pregnancy, birth and beyond, we aim to help you and your family to adjust to the everyday stresses in life.

Don’t worry partners and Grandparents – we can look after you as well 🙂

For more specific information please click the below:
Pregnancy and chiropractic 
– Pregnancy home exercises
Babies, Kids + Teens – from Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), breastfeeding difficulty, tongue tie to milestones and much more.
– Home Exercises for Retained Primitive Reflexes

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