SUMHIIT Fitness is a 35-minute group workout, consisting of conditioning intervals incorporating cardio, strength and core into every session. We alternate between the Air Assault bike, high reward for low impact, and our strength work on the floor, helping you develop and maintain those muscles. Every class is pre-programmed, and led by our awesome coaches, so you can ensure you’re getting the best workout, as well as any support you might need. We’re super excited for our grand opening later this year, and getting to know the community and local businesses a little more.

Prior to opening, we’re hosting free outdoor workouts to keep you active and motivated through the winter months, as well as helping you get a feel for what we’re bringing to the area.

Sound interested? Get in touch to learn about our foundation memberships – the lowest rate we’ll have, as well as all the flexibility. With SUMHIIT, you can achieve the same results in our 35 minute workouts, as you would in 50.

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