At KalibrateED, we are a team of Education Strategists and specialist tutors obsessed with unlocking hidden potential in high school students!


We love working with parents who want to see their children motivated, organised and performing at their best across all subjects, not just one. 


We design Strategy Roadmaps that make it super simple for busy parents to support their children without adding more to anyone’s plate. Students discover motivation because they can see their full potential and grow more confident because they see a clear path to success. 


Areas we specialise in:

  • Study Programs tailored to a child’s Unique Learning Profile
  • Exam Readiness & Assessment Prep
  • Motivation, focus and attention
  • Organisation and time-management skills
  • University and careers
  • Managing learning disruptions (family issues, mental health, illness)


If you feel there’s an area that could improve for your child– reach out. Let’s have a chat to support them in reaching their potential. 

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