Academy of Improvisation improv classes will teach you how to use spontaneity to advance your life, career, and hobbies, to be more confident, creative, funnier and better at public speaking. If you then wish to step up to improv comedy, learn improv with us, and create dramatic and hilarious comedy scenes to improve life and social skills or for public performance.

Why improv?

Improvisation is the new black. High schools, universities and business colleges are now teaching improvisation as a mandatory skill for being creative, collaborative and for surviving in a fast-changing world. Improvisation teaches you to be confident, outgoing, inventive, fearless,  unafraid of the unknown, improves presentation, public speaking and social skills, and teaches you that you are all you need.

We’ve been practicing improv for over 20 years. All of our classes and are taught by senior professional trainers and practitioners, from course material we’ve developed in–house, incorporating the latest research and developments from around the world. All of this teaches you better collaboration and empathy, fine tunes listening and relationship skills, gives you or improves public speaking skills, and to top it all off makes you funnier. 

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