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Our Story

Launched in 2017, Wonderlab is a beauty brand which created by three sisters, Rachel, Kimi and Vicky’-who created  traditional beauty business practices to 360-degree beauty concept that embracing innovation, invigoration and inspiration at every angle for not just make their beauty clients look beautiful, but FEEL l beautiful.

“We want to make people beautiful. It’s not always about what you see in the mirror. We search for the beauty inside as well as outside”.

Training and empowerment are both integral elements embedded in the company’s growth and development. We put our team at the centre of our business and create an environment that champions and rewards high performance. All our staff are trained in-house and we elevate skills through an educational and development programme to create salon professionals demanded by our industry. We set the benchmark and others follow.

Everyone’s journey is different and we aim to teach you applicable ways of raising all aspects of your own wellbeing and redefine your beauty regime and habits.

Our Vision

At Wonderlab we are devoted to skin health.  We fully embrace our mission of connecting beauty and wellbeing.

#GrowTogether #GlowTogether Glow from the inside out and book a consultation today.

Beauty starts from the inside and over time it will manifest outside… we help out clients become the very best version of themselves.

The ‘inside job” is supported by our beauticians via meaningful, caring conversation, care and confidence building.

From the “outside” perspective, we uncover the true nature of the onset of various skin flaws  to find a solution to your skincare issues including overarching lifestyle advice in combination with salon treatments and everyday home skincare regime.

Through science-based research we thoroughly understand the impact of beauty on health of wellbeing.

The tools at our disposal to tailor your experience are:

  • Skin analyser (Observ 520) and Beautician visual review
  • lifestyle review (proven 5 step methodology)
  • skincare selection
  • facials – anti-aging, clear skin, sensitive skin, hydrating
  • smoothing and toning machines for total body beauty

The technology

  • IPL
  • Micro-needling
  • Microdermabrasion


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