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Foundations is a martial arts school dedicated to teaching self-development through the self-defence practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Our self-development and self-defence classes help shape a person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being, as we believe that the best form of self-defence is to have a focused mind, an open heart and a healthy, balanced and resilient body.

  • Balance your body
  • Focus your mind
  • Open your heart

The programs at Foundations integrate both physical and cognitive training, giving the student an overall system and structure to hone the best out of every aspect of their daily lives.

  • Kids classes: Foundations kid classes teach kids to train their minds, emotions and bodies – leading them on a correct path of self-development. From school to home life, Foundations will bring out the best in your child!
  • Adult classes: Our adult classes are a challenging and fun way for you to develop your physical, emotional and psychological abilities. Find balance, strength and confidence to bring and share, every day of your life.
  • Private classes and Packages: Privates sessions are designed for those who like a more personal touch to their training, and we have packages available for all levels and abilities. It’s a program designed specifically for you, using your pace and your understanding.


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