Your one-stop shop for all things home organisation…

From custom labels/stickers to modern storage solutions.

This is the philosophy the brand is centred around, giving you the tools and products to help you live your most organised, stress free and happiest life.

A label addict herself, our founder Natalie Manoushian lives and breathes the Little Label Co brand. From the initial concept to the designing of the labels and products, Natalie is the woman behind it all. Her passion has always lied in organising and her mission is to help others feel the same satisfaction, happiness and calm organising brings her.

As we acquire more and more things, it becomes more difficult to keep track of it all. Labelling has become paramount to the organising process. Not only does it add an element of design but once you label something you don’t have to think about it again. Labelling creates a permanent home for things.

You name it, we label it!

From home organisation labels to gift labels, Little Label Co custom labels allow you to get creative and take personalisation to a whole new level.

Little Label Co also stocks a wide variety of modern home storage solutions for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry including bamboo and glass jars, plastic canisters, bench top organisers and wooden accessories. Our products, mostly designed and manufactured by the Little Label Co team focuses on bringing organisation, functionality and refines good looks to homes.

Along with custom labels and modern storage solutions, Little Label Co website and social media platforms has become a destination that’s referred to by over 370k + people for daily inspiration and tips on home organisation. To keep up to date with new product releases and get inspired on all things home organisation, follow us here:


Happy Organising!

Natalie & LLC Team


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