At Northern Beaches Christian School, our Mission is Excellence in Education and our Vision is Love Learning. Our hope is that together we can build an enriching school community that inspires a love of learning and the growth of our students.

Within our world class facilities, we expect a positive learning culture, a safe, welcoming environment, wise use of technology, positive communication and a nurturing Christian community. Our aim is to offer consistent and high expectations for our students and provide them with the resources to meet these expectations.

Our aim is to develop a culture that brings out the best in our students – in their learning, in their character, in the opportunities they take, the friendships they develop, and in understanding the message of the God who loves them.



  1. Rebecca Babbington
    Rebecca Babbington (Listing owner)

    “We, as a family, just want to thank you for the incredible innovation, kindness and perseverance you have
    shown this year. It has been a really tough one and you have handled it with strength of character, faith,
    steadfastness and professionalism.
    As the year ends, our family are just brimming over with joy and thankfulness to be part of NBCS and to have gained so much from your teaching, leadership and example this year. You have each embodied the goals
    of NBCS in helping our children to love learning and strive for excellence…You have made learning fun, engaging and fuelled a growing passion to learn in their hearts that they will carry all their lives. There is absolutely no price that can be placed on that gift and the long labours of your year are well invested
    and so valued.” Juliette, NBCS Parent

    15 February 2021 at 9:39 am

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