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Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers is a specialised family law firm located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore. Our Family Lawyers are committed to helping you solve issues which have arisen as a consequence of the breakdown of your marriage or relationship, including the arrangements for your children and the division of property

Our Team

Doolan Callaghan is one of the strongest names in family law and our team of dedicated specialists are leaders in their field. You can confidently put your trust in us to achieve the best outcome for you. Our team consists of Deborah Callaghan, Helen Irga, Rowena Grenenger, Jodie Anderson, Jarrad Callaghan, Ben Riley, Kate Kempe &  Ella Gardiner

Family Law Services

Doolan Callaghan Family Lawyers can assist you in every aspect of family law. Our firm practices exclusively in the area of family law and is the largest family law specialist firm on the Northern Beaches. As such, we are highly proficient in all aspects of family law. We can help guide you through any issues you may have and help you reach a resolution. Our goal is to assist clients to reach an agreement about their family law issues. There are various ways this can occur. In some matters, mediation is the best option. In others, negotiated settlements are best. If a matter does need to go to court, we have the expertise, determination and experience to achieve the optimum outcome for you. We help you choose the best approach for your unique situation

Getting Started

Taking the first step, and coming in to meet a family lawyer for the first time, is often daunting for clients. However, in our experience, most people leave the initial consultation feeling empowered and far more relaxed as we have informed them about the law and given them some practical and sensible advice about options and solutions. Finding out all of the implications and options early in the process helps you make the best decisions for your family

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