Founded in 1998, OH Property Group is Sydney’s leading Buyers’ Agency. We search, negotiate and purchase real estate in Sydney for both local and overseas-based clients. Being co-owned by a North Shore Mum, we know the North Shore particularly intimately and buy more properties in this area than anyone else!


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  1. Joanne Fortune
    Joanne Fortune

    Oliver and Kate were fantastic to work with. They initially gave us some very helpful tips on selling our property, and once we engaged them they found us a house within 5 weeks managing to line up the settlements exactly.
    Not having to attend opens unless they short-listed a property was a dream with a young baby. Their hard work and experience were invaluable, showing us where properties would be competitive and we would overpay, as well as looking for the right house for us. In the end, they found us a bigger house in a better location than we imagined for a very good price.
    Thank you so much Oliver and Kate!

    3 September 2020 at 7:02 am
  2. Sadie Kelly
    Sadie Kelly

    Following a referral from a friend and North Shore Mum’s, we engaged OH Property Group to assist with our house purchase in the Upper North Shore (Turramurra). We can not fault their service and are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our purchase. Henny and the team are incredibly hard working, meticulous in their search for a property meeting our requirements, and did an amazing job in closing the purchase. All within 4 weeks from start to finish. We would never purchase another property without a buyers agent, and specifically never without OH Property and Henny leading the charge! Joe & Sadie Kelly

    18 August 2020 at 9:55 am
  3. Heidi

    Recently we worked with Henny and Oliver from OH Property. We weren’t sure if we needed to go ahead with a service that we thought we could do on our own, but I am so glad we did! We had missed out on a few properties because they were sold pre-auction, or sold for a lot more than the agents had advertised.

    We had already found a home we liked and did not want to miss out again. Oliver provided us an extremely thorough property report/appraisal which gave us the understanding of the proper price of the property (above what agents had advertised).

    His experience allowed us to set a realistic budget which put us at an advantage over other buyers.

    Oliver bid for us at auction and was so calm and had a good strategy! In the end we were able to secure the property with a little room to spare in the budget.

    We recommend them to anyone who’s in the process of buying a house.

    3 September 2019 at 8:29 pm
  4. Eliz

    When we first contacted Henny, we had a budget in mind but needed help in choosing a suburb. We didn’t grow up in Sydney and only moved here several years ago for work, so we weren’t really familiar with all the suburbs. Henny asked us lots of questions and really took the time to understand our needs, and helped us to narrow down the suburbs that would best suit us based on our budget.

    After deciding on the suburbs, Henny and her team did the legwork for us, inspecting all properties that came onto the market in our chosen area. This saved us time and energy as it meant that we didn’t have to spend every Saturday rushing from one inspection to another. Also, as we didn’t have much experience in buying properties, we didn’t want to end up buying a ‘lemon’ house due to our lack of knowledge on what to look out for. Henny would shortlist properties for us to view, and this gave us the peace of mind, knowing that the house had passed Henny’s standards.

    We really loved working with Henny, she was always on hand to answer any of our questions and we kept in touch almost every day, just like best friends. She even went above and beyond the call of duty and helped us with the sale of our existing property. Henny gave us step-by-step instructions on how to style the property ourselves, saving us the cost of hiring someone else to do it. She also gave us advice on how to choose an agent and even helped to review the agency contract and gave us tips on how to negotiate the selling fees.

    One day, we inspected a house which I loved and I told my husband ‘Okay, let’s buy this house!’ even though I knew in my heart that we wouldn’t be able to afford it. The price guide was above our budget and it was in a suburb that was out of our price range. But Henny was able to work her magic. With their years of experience, know-how and killer instinct, Henny and Oliver planned a strategy to get us the house we wanted. Not only did we get the house, we also got it at such a great price thanks to their negotiating skills. The money we saved on the purchase price more than made up for their fees.

    We are so happy that we made the decision to engage OH Property Group. They took the stress out of the entire process, organizing for contracts to be reviewed and booking the pest and building inspection. We were very impressed by how quickly they were able to mobilize. They treat each house purchase as though they are buying it for their own selves and never rushed us into making a decision. Henny even personally attended the pest and building inspection so that she could make sure our inspector checked the areas that she was concerned about. After working with Henny, I can honestly say that I don’t know how anyone buys a house without Henny. We would definitely recommend OH Property Group to our family and friends.

    2 September 2018 at 10:29 pm
  5. Diana

    We were recommended Henny through a friend who had heard great things about her and Oh Property Group and we couldn’t have been happier with the service they delivered. As we are expats it made the process of buying a house whilst living in another country a seamless experience. Henny made sure she was available to show me and my husband properties when we were both in Sydney on separate occasions and only for short periods of time.

    Henny and Olivier were very communicative and available to talk throughout the whole process and sent us mountains of photos and videos so we got a true sense of the properties. They understood our brief and also gave us honest opinions about properties we would send them. Henny could see the bigger picture and long term impacts of settling for the wrong property and could also give us perspective and vision on properties we wouldn’t have considered at first.

    Being able to hand over to someone else to do the negotiations, coordinate the pest and building inspection and work with the conveyancer saved us a lot of time and stress and in the end, a significant amount of money. We were also very impressed with the thorough property appraisals completed at the buying stage which gave us even more confidence in what we were purchasing.
    We ended up buying a property without seeing it in person as we were so sure of Henny and Oliver’s expertise, and we couldn’t be happier.

    24 June 2018 at 8:34 pm
  6. Kristina

    We started searching for a house in November 2017. We were essentially looking for more space. Henny’s reply to a NSM facebook post sparked our interest in the idea of engaging a buyer’s agent to help us. We could look at a house’s appearance and know if we liked it or not, but we had no idea what a house really was worth and how much we should pay for it. Henny and Oliver proved they could help with this, plus more.

    At the start of the process, we were indecisive about our exact needs, other than needing more space. Through Henny’s coaching we narrowed down three criteria, and Henny encouraged us to focus on this, rather than just to look at houses that “looked pretty”. Henny saved us a few times from buying properties that wouldn’t have met this criteria, that ultimately we would have been disappointed with. Making a large purchase such as this, means you really have to get it right!

    Henny introduced us to a suburb that we would never have thought, certainly not one we imagined we could afford to live in. When Henny suggested we look at a particular property, there were some hesitations. However we saw the house and fell in love with it. Henny was right – she knew the property was meant for us.

    Oliver proved to be a gun when it comes to negotiating. We were impressed with how cool and calm he was, going in for the ‘kill’. He successfully negotiated a fantastic price for us, which was less than we would have paid, had we negotiated on our own.

    Henny was incredibly organised and focused on details. She arranged everything for us, making the process so easy and less stressful. We had an easy means of communicating with her, and she would answer any questions we had. We felt comfortable with Henny, and knew she had our best interests always at the forefront. She advocated for us every single step of the way, including settlement day.

    The price we spent on this service paid for itself when we bought a property in a better suburb, for a better price, than we would have done on our own.

    We would definitely use this service again, if we look at buying another house, and would recommend OH Property Group to our family and friends.

    30 March 2018 at 12:10 am
  7. Mal

    When buying a property, everyone’s situation is different. In our case, we tried on our own for 12 months without success. And it wasn’t because we were time poor or the kids had too much sport on the weekend or we didn’t have the budget; it was because we didn’t know the market.

    Buying a property in today’s market is more than open homes and auctions. Henny, Oliver and Melinda know every street and every past sale – but surely, you say, anyone with internet access knows this too? What they also know is every selling agent, their background, their style and their exclusive off market listings, which gave us a tremendous advantage.

    When we decided to go with a buyers agent we thought the greatest benefit would be access to off market properties and while that was a definite plus, it wasn’t the one that really mattered in our case.

    Yes, it’s great to see properties before they are listed to the mass market but what we found more valuable was the dedication, commitment and hard work from Henny, Melinda and Oliver every single day.

    Who else can arrange building inspections in the evening for the next morning, tell a bargain from a lemon in one inspection, drive across Sydney to sign contracts during peak hour and reply to endless messages around the clock?

    But the greatest benefit and advantage of using OH Property Group is there is no BS. If you like rainbows and unicorns and live in a happy world where everything is perfect then maybe they are not the right buyers agents for you. They are excellent at taking the emotion out of the situation and give you open and honest feedback – that’s what we needed to make decisions in today’s property market.

    Now that we’ve bought we can be emotional. Buying a four bedroom house in the upper North shore within 400m of a very good school is just what we needed especially with our wonderful son starting school in January. Thank you Henny, Melinda and Oliver for making this happen!

    12 February 2018 at 11:09 pm
  8. Natasha

    We engaged OH Property Group for a Full Search in August 2017 and moved into our “forever” home in November 2017. Everyone we spoke to said the same thing, “Wow, that was fast!” Our secret weapon was Henny Stier.

    In August 2017, we moved back to Sydney having lived overseas for many years. We wanted to buy immediately to avoid renting. With two young kids, no focused search area and the usual low inventory in Winter, Saturdays soon became our least favourite day of the week.

    A family member suggested we think about a buyer’s agent. Although we stumbled upon OH Property Group by accident, from the very first phone call with Henny it was clear that she knew Sydney real estate and was extremely passionate about it.

    Within a couple of weeks of engaging OH Property Group, Henny had helped us narrow down our search area. Having been immersed in the market for so many years, Henny knew exactly which suburbs were realistic for our wish list and budget.

    Henny and the rest of the OH Property Group team visit hundreds of properties each week so Henny knew every single property that was on the market or coming to market in our search area! Even though I still obsessively checked the real estate sites each day, Henny was always one step ahead. Each week she would steer us towards the best properties available for our needs. As a result, there was much less time spent looking at unsuitable properties. This made the house hunting process less frustrating because it didn’t feel like we were wasting our time.

    When it came to acquiring our favourite property, Henny guided us through the inspection process and advised on the best action plan for securing it. There was no uncertainty about the best approach because of Henny and Oliver’s knowledge of the real estate market and the local agents. It felt like we had someone working for us on the inside.

    Henny is really personable and easy to talk to. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the local areas, the past and present property market, and network of selling agents is second to none. Throughout the entire process you feel like you have her undivided attention. Henny and the rest of the OH Property Group team work extremely hard to make sure that you end up with the best property possible for your wish list and budget.

    Although house hunting was still a tiring and emotional process, it became infinitely easier with Henny (and Oliver) on our side. Anytime we started to second-guess a decision, Henny would be there to keep us on track and moving forward. At the start of the house hunting process, it felt very indulgent having a buyer’s agent, but we don’t regret it for a second. We would not think twice about using OH Property Group again.

    12 February 2018 at 1:33 pm
  9. Felicity

    OH Property were invaluable to us in finding and purchasing our family home. Their expert and up-to-date knowledge of the market, combined with their ability to understand our needs was the perfect combination for success. Our time and emotional energy (which we’d rather spend on our toddler and baby) wasn’t wasted with houses that weren’t suitable for us, or ultimately (but not advertised as) out of our price range. We didn’t spend weekend after weekend traipsing through open homes with small children. We didn’t waste money on pest and building inspections for places we never had a chance at.

    When we decided to go for it, Henny took care of the strategy and negotiations, and there was no nonsense or mucking around. There was no distracting her from her goal! She was able to move far quicker than we ever could on our own to beat the competition and have our offer accepted. No doubt that without Henny we would have missed out, and the market moved so quickly we would have been priced out of our preferred location. Comparable properties in the area were selling in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars more only months later.

    We don’t buy property regularly, so it made sense to get an expert in to help us with the biggest financial decision we’ve made to date. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OH Property, and have had several friends use their services and also been very happy. Some might think buyer’s agents are only for the very wealthy – but it was a very wise investment for our young family.

    28 September 2017 at 3:33 pm
  10. Nicole Wynne
    Nicole Wynne

    We decided to enlist the help of Henny after looking for our first family home for well over a year. Everything we had previously found was either not quite right or just over our budget and we didn’t want to compromise, but couldn’t quite break into the market with prices always seemingly increasing. I had seen a few articles she’d posted on the North Shore Mum’s Facebook page and just knew she would be the one to finally help us…

    Henny gently suggested looking in another suburb we hadn’t even thought of, which is up and coming and delivered more value for money with a fantastic community feel and great local facilities.

    Oliver made is mark in succeeding for us on Auction Day, but Henny had done all the background work for us – she really knows her stuff. The ins and outs of the real estate talk, how to play the game, and how you can get the most for your budget. The appraisals gave us a much needed advantage and understanding of what we were purchasing and whether it was worth the asking price. A lot of knowledge we never would have acquired without her help.

    Everyone asks us was a buyer’s agent worth it and I tell them emphatically, Yes! every time. It was comforting knowing that we weren’t being taken for a ride by the real estate agent who only ever had the seller’s best interest in mind, and that she was on our side through the entire journey.

    We are now the lucky owners of the perfect home to raise our young family. Hopefully we’ll be here for the next 20 years! Thanks again to Henny & Oliver, who made the process that much easier.

    22 August 2017 at 6:26 pm
  11. Natalie Montgomery
    Natalie Montgomery

    We have just purchased our family home through OH property group and could not be happier with the service we received.

    With a toddler and twins on the way our time and energy was limited. We needed to upgrade from a 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom family home in a limited timeframe, and knew we needed some help! OHPG were recommended from a friend and several other sources. Fortunately when we contacted them they had availability to take us on straight away. Henny was realistic and upfront about what would be possible with our budget limitations and the area we wanted to buy in. However after 4 months of searching (with twins arriving and selling or own house in the meantime), we managed to buy in our preferred suburb and within our budget range. We are delighted!

    Henny and Oliver and their team were all incredibly supportive along every step of the journey – throughout the search, purchase, and settlement, right through to pre-settlement inspection. Henny and Oliver sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and prioritise homes for inspection. They know the area and local agents intimately and are always one step ahead of the market. They are committed to ensuring you obtain the best value for money possible. We also feel much better educated though working with them, and more equipped to tackle the market in future.

    Using OHPG was well worth the investment, we definitely would not have been able to buy in our chosen area without them. We cannot recommend OHPG highly enough. Thank you!

    15 October 2016 at 3:38 pm
  12. Ethan Zhao
    Ethan Zhao

    We would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to Oliver, Henny and their fabulous team at the OH Property Group! We could not have been more satisfied with the service we received. Our case was not an easy one from the very beginning – one of us was working overseas; we knew next to nothing about bout property purchasing in Australia, however, had made a very tight deadline in getting this done. Before going to Oliver and Henny, we had an extremely stressful time in searching and inspecting properties and would’ve never thought anyone could turn our property hunting into such a relaxed and enjoyable experience – AT ALL!

    Oliver and Henny took the time to make sure they understand what we were looking after and worked extremely hard to source properties not only in our nominated districts but also places where they believed were great potions to us. They shortlisted properties on the market with their strict standard and was available 7/24 to answer any questions we had regarding any properties we interested in.

    In only 7 weeks after engaging in their service, and with very little work from ourselves, we brought our home at a great location with a great price. They saved us a great amount of time and money!! What has made their service even more fabulous to us was the fact that they took care of us on every aspect of our new home – they referred trades and tradies we need, visited us in person and gave a lot of valuable advices on how to manage everything of the place.

    I had no idea what a profound difference Oliver and Henny have made through their guidance on us during the inspections and negotiations in buying a property, and during renovations toward moving in our new home! I would recommend the OH Property Group to anyone looking to buy in Sydney with no hesitation. We would for sure look at further investment property purchase with them!

    15 October 2016 at 12:51 pm
  13. Celine S
    Celine S

    We had been searching for our “forever house” for seven months, to no avail and were becoming more and more discouraged by the aggressive market conditions (eg: foreign buyers with endless pockets of cash) and lack of supply. Finally, after hearing rave reviews about OH Property Group from several other families, we decided to make the investment in using a buyer’s agents. From the beginning, we felt like someone had our backs in this crazy market: there was a clear strategy and tactical plan for searching and acquiring a property. Also, we felt much more confident having Oliver and Henny negotiate a pre-auction offer, as they knew the market, the selling agents and had done due diligence on every aspect of the property we were interested in. That’s another thing – Oliver and Henny are like real estate CSI agents – they look at every aspect surrounding the property you are interested in order to make an extremely informed decision about whether or not to buy and then how much to offer, and whether or not to buy before or at auction. For example, Henny and Oliver obtain information from the local council on previous DAs, talk to the agents to get a better sense of the vendor’s motivations, and really look at the property inside and out to make sure you are not buying a can of worms. Another aspect that really struck me while working with Henny and Oliver was that we thought we were their only client while they were working with us… That may sound unrealistic, but the amount of attention to our search was impeccable and the finer details were never overlooked. Bottom line: if we had to buy all over again, I would not hesitate for one second to hire Henny and Oliver. My only regret is that we didn’t hire them earlier in our search.

    4 October 2016 at 1:01 pm
  14. Rebecca

    I couldn’t be more impressed by Henny Stier. As we kept losing out on properties when trying to purchase in 2015 I became quite discouraged and wondered if I needed a buyers agent. I’d heard Henny speak at a North Shore Mums event and also occasionally observed her “in action” inspecting properties, and I thought, “This could be just the person we need!”

    So I called OH Property Group and had a long chat with Henny about the possibility of engaging her services. However, after thoroughly discussing the area we were looking in, our budget/requirements, and our strategy for making offers, she was very up-front in saying that she thought we would actually be fine continuing the search on our own and advised us to just stick with our strategy a little longer. And you know what? She was right! Less than 2 weeks later our offer on a property that more than met our criteria was accepted!

    It is so rare to find a business that has the integrity to make sure you truly need their services rather than just trying to grab an easy commission. After my experience, I would trust OH Property Group in a heartbeat and will absolutely contact them again the next time we are in the market.

    15 July 2016 at 7:51 pm
  15. Sarah Collison
    Sarah Collison

    After many long months of dragging the children around to open homes, we were starting to lose the will. During that time we had become lost and confused by the Sydney property market, never knowing if we were on the right track or completely out of our league. So finally we decided to use Henny and it was the best decision we could have made. Finally we were able to see all the things we had been doing wrong in our search for a new home. Henny sat us down and helped us identify what it was we really wanted and what we would need to do to get it. Her in-depth market knowledge and analysis guided us through volatile property market. Henny and Oliver worked tirelessly with us and remained patient, even on the days when we lost our confidence and found decision making difficult. When we finally found our dream home, Henny and Oliver used every tool they had to secure that property for us at a fantastic price. We are so grateful for all of the advise and assistance they gave to us, we would have no hesitation in recommending their services for anyone trying to purchase a property

    22 December 2015 at 8:17 pm
  16. Georgina Kilfoil
    Georgina Kilfoil

    At the beginning of the year, we moved to Sydney from California and after a few months decided that we wanted to look into buying a house and getting ourselves settled. The housing market in the San Francisco Bay Area is hot but we quickly found it is nothing compared to Sydney. In addition to the prices and competition, the concept of 30 minute home inspections and the thought of going to auction absolutely terrified us. It was such a different process from what we were used to. After a couple of months of looking and a few failed purchase attempts it became very clear that we needed help. I had read a couple of articles on Buyers Agents and we felt that this might be the best approach for us to take.

    I had seen OH Property Group constantly recommended on the North Shore Mums Facebook page. As soon as I spoke to Henny it was very clear to me how they could help us and the competitive advantage we would potentially have over other buyers. After just the first weekend of working with Henny and Oliver we could see that they not only understood the property market on the Lower North Shore but also understood our brief. Six weeks in and we purchased a beautiful house in Cremorne that ticked almost all of our boxes (and ticked some boxes that weren’t even on our list!). We purchased the house off-market which allowed us to avoid competitive bids, having to go to auction and paying more than the house was worth. We could not be happier and cannot wait to move in.

    I don’t think we could have done this without OH Property Group. It was so helpful to have someone who was out there every weekend looking at all potential properties that might meet our brief. Oliver and Henny are so familiar with the area and the real estate agents that they know about properties before anyone else which is a big advantage over other buyers. Real estate agents know that Buyer’s Agents are motivated purchasers and take them much more seriously.

    As a buyer you are so emotionally vested in the process and it is so easy for this to get in the way of being objective and making a sound purchase. Having someone working for us who was completely objective and could keep us focused on our brief was very reassuring. They had never ending patience as we got familiar with the purchasing process in Australia, fluctuated on properties and got cold feet and seemed to know when and when not to push.

    Buying a house is a huge investment and the money spent on a Buyer’s Agent was money well spent and a small amount in the whole scheme. I am hoping we have found our dream home and never need to move but if we do, I would not hesitate to use OH Property again.

    Thanks again Henny and Oliver!

    14 October 2015 at 6:47 am
  17. Laura

    After a couple of near misses, our confidence and hopes for securing a nice home within our budget were waning. We decided to contact OH Property Group after hearing about them through North Shore Mums. Like many of their other clients, we wish we had called them sooner! This was our first home purchase and our knowledge didn’t extend far past watching TV real estate shows. We needed an advocate, someone who would be straight up with us giving us a dose of reality, someone who would tell us which properties not to waste our time on and which ones we would be crazy to pass up.
    We found Henny and Oliver’s service to be very professional while also very personal. They took time get to know us, our family and our needs. They were on the journey with us. We likened our home search with Henny and Oliver to having a personal trainer for real estate  We had a shared target and they helped us to stay focussed on that target. They worked tirelessly inspecting homes so that with our very limited time (and two impatient small kids) we only had to visit ones they felt had real potential.
    We had had a particular area in mind when we engaged OH. While agreeing to search that area they were also very realistic about it, particularly in today’s fast-moving market. From the outset they suggested we think about a suburb nearby that we hadn’t considered. Eventually we checked it out and are so glad we did. We are now in a lovely community that is very “us” and are glad we didn’t buy in our original preferred suburbs. We have no doubt that our spacious and comfortable home is a great investment, it ticks all the boxes of the wishlist we gave Henny and Oliver. We would definitely recommend OH Property Group.

    1 September 2015 at 10:41 pm
  18. Matt Lee
    Matt Lee

    OHP’s ability to source properties that are not publicly listed and close deals before going to auction, have been invaluable to us in saving time and money i.e. for our last property, they were able to facilitate the purchase in 3 days flat and $100k below the expected price.

    However, the thing that sets them apart from other companies is undoubtedly their integrity – having now purchased 2 properties with their services, we are confident in recommending them as buyer’s agents that always act in the best interests of their clients, while being fully open on the pros and cons of each purchase option.

    17 April 2015 at 6:22 pm
  19. Tien

    Henny and Oliver have been nothing but helpful, frank and diligent and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results, given the tight timeframe we had, our relatively tight budget and our uncertain criteria!

    We knew we needed a Buyer’s Agent when we realised what a challenge it was going to be buying in the current seller’s market, in a market/area we were unfamiliar with and within such a tight timeframe (within 2 months). After it took us over 9 painful months and dealing with every type of ratbag selling agents out there before purchasing our first home, we weren’t going to risk going through that again this time around.

    We sought Henny and Oliver out after reading about them on the North Shore Mums website and haven’t been disappointed. They have worked tirelessly to narrow down our criteria and to educate us on all the aspects of purchasing a home, from location, construction of a building and looking beyond the aesthetics, to the negotiation phase and securing the deal. They got us comfortable with the areas in the Upper North Shore that were within our limited budget and they have helped us secure, not only a beautiful home, but one that will serve our family well and set us up for the future.

    Their knowledge and expertise in what they do is incredible and the enthusiasm in which their put into their work is so evident in everything they do. We have found their unlimited advice and attention to detail invaluable and even now, post-purchase, their generosity and advice is still pouring in and we are ever so grateful. Without them there is no way we would have secured our gorgeous new home and in such perfect timing! It has been great working with them. They’ve made the buying process much easier for us this time around and we wouldn’t think twice about using them again or recommending them to any of our family and friends.

    13 January 2015 at 9:56 am
  20. Stephanie

    When we decided to buy a house we were really worried. It felt like the market was out of our reach and it would be such a stressful process to buy a house. So we decided to contact Henny and Oliver to help us buy our home. They were amazing. They know the market and how the game works. They took a stressful process and made it seamless. They helped us with everything from choosing suburbs to building and pest reports to sitting in our house waiting patiently while we signed the contract. I always thought buyers agents were for those with multi million dollar budgets, but what I have realised is that those a tight budget need a buyers agent. Henny and Oliver get that this is an big and important purchase and they lead us through every step of the process. I cannot recommend them enough and am recommending them to all my family and friends.

    11 December 2014 at 11:05 am
  21. Erica Yap
    Erica Yap

    We first heard of OH Property Group from a friend but were unsure as to whether we need to use a buyer’s agent. After attending a seminar that Henny gave on property investment, we were impressed by her extensive knowledge of the market and thus decided to go ahead and sign up with her. Henny and Oliver were very friendly and professional and right from the beginning, gave us very good advice as well as helped us to set realistic expectations as to what we can buy with our budget. We had very specific criteria which made the search harder but Henny’s enthusiasm and drive together with Oliver’s excellent negotiation skills gave us confidence that they will find the perfect property for us. The fact that they are familiar with many of the selling agents in the area and the tactics they use when selling properties is also a big plus.

    Along the way we came across a few properties that we thought could work for us. We really appreciated how Henny would breakdown the pros and cons for each property as well as take lots of photos for us. This made it easier for us to decide whether to go ahead with pursuing the property. Once we have made the decision, Henny and Oliver moved quickly to help us to secure the property at a great price. This was before the house has even been listed for sale. I have no doubt that it would have sold for a much higher price had it been put on the market.

    With OH Property Group, we have always felt that they were on our side and looking out for our best interest. Even after we have exchanged contracts, they continue to go above and beyond to help us whenever we have any questions or problems. They truly make purchasing a property so much easier and stress free. We have already recommended them to a friend and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs help purchasing a property.

    3 December 2014 at 11:20 pm
  22. Cindy Chu
    Cindy Chu

    More than two years ago, we started looking to upgrade from our apartment to a house. We started going to houses in areas that we wanted to live that was listed within our price range every saturday. I knew what I wanted in a house and as we went on, every house we saw fell short, felt undecided about or we had no idea whether it was within our budget or not. After a missed opportunity at an auction where I got scared off and uncertain during bidding, and lots of occasions where we were out priced right at the start of the auction , we took a break from searching (thanks to a new arrival in the family) and found that even if we wanted to keep looking, the market has moved beyond our budget. Our confidence in ever finding a house waned.

    After I went to a property seminar that Henny presented at, I realised that in this competitive market, (on top of an ever busier schedule) we needed help from an expert! My husband agreed for us to meet with Henny and Oliver, since he thought that they would be able to advise us if we should be looking in other suburbs. Henny and Oliver listened to my long list of requests, spoke to us about what was realistic for our budget and helped me change the way I think about how to work around those wants and needs so that we can still find a house in the suburbs that we want and within our budget.

    As we engaged their services, we started visiting properties that Henny suggested each week that were within our budget and much closer to what could work for us. After the open homes, she gave us a breakdown of the good and bad of each place to help us decide what to do next. Having a second opinion (and from a practiced eye) really helped us be more decisive. She noticed a lot of things we missed while going to open houses with our kids in tow, and attended open homes when we couldn’t. We were thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the area and the market and the real estate agents. As our search went on, they proved themselves spot on with their estimates of the expected sales prices of properties we viewed. Henny worked really hard to understand what we were looking for and shared an understanding of my concerns as a mother of young kids. We were never pushed to like or buy something we thought that wouldn’t work for us and they were ever patient with my questions and my uncertainty about a property. Even as I started worrying that we would be priced out again, Henny was cheerily and reassuringly confident that we can still get a house we wanted where we wanted. After searching all this time I thought for sure we could be a rare example of someone who they couldn’t find a property for, but 3 months in, they led us with a brilliant strategy to the exchange of contracts on a property against another bidder (with deeper pockets)! It was a relief to have them take care of everything from organising building and pest inspection to delivering the final winning offer on a busy work day.

    To be honest, I kind of hoped that a buyer’s agent would be magicians who could find me house completely fulfilling my criteria and well below my budget, but in this current fast growing seller’s market, I realised that what the most important things they did for us, was work with us to be realistic about what we can get with our budget, help us look at a property for all its potential, help us avoid disasters by making sure we are making well informed choices, and made sure that when a property came along that we wanted, that we got it without over-paying for it. I really believe that we would have given up on getting a house in the suburbs we wanted if we didn’t have their help. I just wished we got them on our side a lot earlier!

    27 November 2014 at 12:24 am
  23. Lee Kho
    Lee Kho

    Thanks Henny and Oliver for proving us with valuable insights, advice and support and for keeping us focussed on our search in this competitive market.

    4 November 2014 at 7:38 pm
  24. Allie Gaunt
    Allie Gaunt

    We had been casually looking to buy a house for around 2 years. The thrill of the chase motivated and excited us to find our dream home. We would turn up every Saturday morning, queued in a long twisting line with the rest of Sydney, convincing ourselves that perhaps the rising damp would help keep the place cool or that the termites would make nice pets.

    But once we had sold our home and we were seriously looking, the love affair ended abruptly when we did in-fact find that dream home, only to have it squashed and flicked away by a particularly callous selling agent.

    Realising we had lost the game before it had even began, we decided we needed serious people for a serious job. On a recommendation from a friend, we called Henny and Oliver from OH Property Group.

    Within the first moments of meeting Henny we felt motivated and bathed in her knowledge, within days we had a list of exciting properties to inspect, and a breezy two weeks later we were taking photo’s of our kids piled against the sold sign of our dream home.

    How did they do it? Henny and Oliver can handle the negotiation side of buying a home far better than we ever could have. They have the experience, insider knowledge, and can talk the talk. But it’s not just buying or searching for properties that they master, it’s every facet of the property market; from lenders to solicitors to building inspectors. It was a very stress free experience for us.

    Within the time we have worked with Henny and Oliver they have been nothing short of amazing. Professional, friendly, extremely thorough and truly dedicated to helping us realise our dream. Henny managed to secure a property for us well under budget and we will now be spending that extra money on exciting renovations to a home that we never thought we could afford.

    Never again will we attempt to buy a property without them.

    2 November 2014 at 7:36 pm
  25. Nicki Murray
    Nicki Murray

    After 5 months of searching for ourselves, we decided to speed things up and call Henny and Oliver. Two weeks later, we had purchased our dream family home. Our budget was modest and we thought we couldn’t afford a buying agent and that they were only for people with really big budgets. But they were so valuable in our very competitive price bracket. We hadn’t realised how wrong we were getting it, falling for every trick in the book. Henny and Oliver were tenacious in their search, review, recommendation and bidding. They listen to what it was we wanted in a home and where we could be flexible. They were frank, and honest with us about what was on the market and what we wanted. They were realistic, compassionate and motivated. They wanted a home for our girls as much as we did. We felt like we were on the winning team from the time we called them. I just wish we had done it earlier!

    18 October 2014 at 10:28 pm
  26. Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearce

    Looking to buy a first home is stressful enough even without the current seller’s market and having a baby to coordinate nap times and open house times around. After an initial search on our own, my husband and I quickly realised we needed help from a buyer’s agent.

    We had met Henny at an NSM talk about tips and tricks for buying property on the North Shore and her excellent advice and genuine care for her clients made her the obvious choice.

    From the moment we started working with Henny, her dedication to her work and clients became clear. We always found her to be incredibly insightful, thorough and trustworthy. In all things, she truly went above and beyond for us. She even drove my daughter and I to our pest inspection when our car broke down and we couldn’t borrow one with a car seat! The simple truth is that without Henny, we couldn’t have bought the house we really wanted within our price range.

    Henny’s comprehensive understanding of the current state of the market and individual real estate agents allowed her to tailor-make a strategy that was unique to our circumstances. OH Property Group’s high quality contacts in conveyancing and building inspection give confidence and enabled a quick turnaround, which allowed us to be a step ahead of the competition. We managed to secure our dream home and move in with plenty of time to plan our daughter’s first birthday in our own backyard!

    And really, if vendors have someone who understands real estate working for them, why shouldn’t we? Choosing OH Property Group was the best real estate decision we made.

    26 August 2014 at 8:51 pm
  27. Olga Valentine
    Olga Valentine

    We had moved recently from Melbourne and were living in temporary rental accommodation and stressing about not being able to find a house in time before we had to vacate. Given we have a toddler and a baby, we realised very quickly that time was not on our side. We were finding it extremely hard to drag our kids along every weekend looking at houses. We also felt that we were wasting time looking at properties that did not suit us although appeared suitable on the real estate websites. We didn’t realise that we were making emotional connections every time we looked at a house and hiring a Buyers’ Agent provided us with objective unemotional views about the house to help us make our decision. Henny and Oliver guided us to the best undervalued pockets and where there is good future growth prospects. We were also advised us to stay away from certain pockets where there could be issues. We didn’t know the prices in the area so we always felt that things were more expensive that what they should be. Henny and Oliver were able to advise us on the correct prices and also knew the agents well in the area. Based on this, they were able to negotiate the price well for us so we felt comfortable that we were not being ripped off. Buying a family home is our biggest investment and we felt comfortable that we had the right expertise to ensure that we invested in our future wisely. To think that we could have bought an ill-fitting house for too much money and with possible regret, it’s really made us feel relieved that we have used the services of OH Property Group to find the perfect house for us and at good value too.

    23 January 2014 at 11:58 am
  28. Angie Sengphachan
    Angie Sengphachan

    We have bought three other properties on our own before. However, compared to our past purchase experiences, this time it was so much easier. But most importantly, we had peace of mind knowing that we bought a really good property at a great price. The buyers’ agent concept is quite new to Australia. We like the fact that OH Property Group is not incentivised to sell or recommend a particular property – and that they are on the buyers’ side. As busy working professionals, we appreciate that our Buyers’ Agent was able to take care of the entire buying process from the search up until the settlement. Henny took a very personal approach to helping us beyond just the buying phase and has saved us a tremendous amount of money by negotiating the best prices when dealing with third party service providers. With the help of OH Property Group, we were ultimately able to buy a property in an excellent suburb which was initially priced well above our budget. OH Property Group has access to the same database as selling agents and provided us with detailed sales history for the property as well as street and suburb price comparisons. It helped us to make our decision objectively based on the facts. In addition to helping us purchase our home, we have also entrusted OH Property Group to manage our investment property – which they have done impeccably for a number of years now. In all our dealings with them, we have found OH Property Group agents to be knowledgeable, reliable, efficient and honest.

    22 January 2014 at 11:44 pm
  29. Youn Cho
    Youn Cho

    The team at OH Property were easy to work with to get the outcome we wanted. Although we had an idea of the type of property we wanted we were struggling to find the time to look through all the properties and getting to understand all the different nuances associated with each property.

    From the outset Henny and her team were easy to deal with, starting with helping us isolate the type of properties that met our criteria and budget through to finalising the sale.

    Some of the aspects of the service we really valued were the breakdown of the pros and cons of each property that made it to the shortlist, the valued advice from experts that know the area and the properties and the care and attention to customer service. The details really helped us in our decision making while the client-first mentality really made it easy to buy our property.

    The property we ended up buying had 17 contracts out on the first open house inspection on a Saturday. Henny contacted me straight away and insisted I take a look. She organised a private inspection on the following Monday and by the next day we were ready to exchange contracts. She knew how to get us to the finish line by positioning us correctly and having an open communication with the real estate agent.

    On the day of the contract exchange my husband and I were rushed to ER due to our boy being sick. I was about to give up on the property as the contracts needed to be in at 9:00pm at the real estate agent’s. But Henny and Oliver made their way to the hospital, went through the contract with us and then rushed to the real estate agent to hand the contract in. Not only was I grateful but blown away by their dedication and professionalism.

    They really made the whole property buying process so much easier and stress-free and even enjoyable. Because it’s no fun looking at crappy properties and being disheartened by what’s out there. At least with OH Property Group, you only see the properties that meet your criteria and should you decide to go ahead with a particular property, everything else is done by them.

    We have already recommended OH Property to our friend who now has hired them to search for the right property. Needless to say, we will use OH Property Group’s services again to buy our next property!

    21 January 2014 at 11:51 pm

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