Founded in 1998, OH Property Group is Sydney’s leading Buyers’ Agency. We search, negotiate and purchase real estate in Sydney for both local and overseas-based clients. Being co-owned by a North Shore Mum, we know the North Shore particularly intimately and buy more properties in this area than anyone else!


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  • Auction Bidding
  • Property Management
  • Portfolio Review & Analysis to help you determine the best strategy for properties you already own


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  1. Joanne Fortune
    Joanne Fortune

    Oliver and Kate were fantastic to work with. They initially gave us some very helpful tips on selling our property, and once we engaged them they found us a house within 5 weeks managing to line up the settlements exactly.
    Not having to attend opens unless they short-listed a property was a dream with a young baby. Their hard work and experience were invaluable, showing us where properties would be competitive and we would overpay, as well as looking for the right house for us. In the end, they found us a bigger house in a better location than we imagined for a very good price.
    Thank you so much Oliver and Kate!

    3 September 2020 at 7:02 am
  2. Sadie Kelly
    Sadie Kelly

    Following a referral from a friend and North Shore Mum’s, we engaged OH Property Group to assist with our house purchase in the Upper North Shore (Turramurra). We can not fault their service and are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our purchase. Henny and the team are incredibly hard working, meticulous in their search for a property meeting our requirements, and did an amazing job in closing the purchase. All within 4 weeks from start to finish. We would never purchase another property without a buyers agent, and specifically never without OH Property and Henny leading the charge! Joe & Sadie Kelly

    18 August 2020 at 9:55 am
  3. Heidi

    Recently we worked with Henny and Oliver from OH Property. We weren’t sure if we needed to go ahead with a service that we thought we could do on our own, but I am so glad we did! We had missed out on a few properties because they were sold pre-auction, or sold for a lot more than the agents had advertised.

    We had already found a home we liked and did not want to miss out again. Oliver provided us an extremely thorough property report/appraisal which gave us the understanding of the proper price of the property (above what agents had advertised).

    His experience allowed us to set a realistic budget which put us at an advantage over other buyers.

    Oliver bid for us at auction and was so calm and had a good strategy! In the end we were able to secure the property with a little room to spare in the budget.

    We recommend them to anyone who’s in the process of buying a house.

    3 September 2019 at 8:29 pm
  4. Eliz

    When we first contacted Henny, we had a budget in mind but needed help in choosing a suburb. We didn’t grow up in Sydney and only moved here several years ago for work, so we weren’t really familiar with all the suburbs. Henny asked us lots of questions and really took the time to understand our needs, and helped us to narrow down the suburbs that would best suit us based on our budget.

    After deciding on the suburbs, Henny and her team did the legwork for us, inspecting all properties that came onto the market in our chosen area. This saved us time and energy as it meant that we didn’t have to spend every Saturday rushing from one inspection to another. Also, as we didn’t have much experience in buying properties, we didn’t want to end up buying a ‘lemon’ house due to our lack of knowledge on what to look out for. Henny would shortlist properties for us to view, and this gave us the peace of mind, knowing that the house had passed Henny’s standards.

    We really loved working with Henny, she was always on hand to answer any of our questions and we kept in touch almost every day, just like best friends. She even went above and beyond the call of duty and helped us with the sale of our existing property. Henny gave us step-by-step instructions on how to style the property ourselves, saving us the cost of hiring someone else to do it. She also gave us advice on how to choose an agent and even helped to review the agency contract and gave us tips on how to negotiate the selling fees.

    One day, we inspected a house which I loved and I told my husband ‘Okay, let’s buy this house!’ even though I knew in my heart that we wouldn’t be able to afford it. The price guide was above our budget and it was in a suburb that was out of our price range. But Henny was able to work her magic. With their years of experience, know-how and killer instinct, Henny and Oliver planned a strategy to get us the house we wanted. Not only did we get the house, we also got it at such a great price thanks to their negotiating skills. The money we saved on the purchase price more than made up for their fees.

    We are so happy that we made the decision to engage OH Property Group. They took the stress out of the entire process, organizing for contracts to be reviewed and booking the pest and building inspection. We were very impressed by how quickly they were able to mobilize. They treat each house purchase as though they are buying it for their own selves and never rushed us into making a decision. Henny even personally attended the pest and building inspection so that she could make sure our inspector checked the areas that she was concerned about. After working with Henny, I can honestly say that I don’t know how anyone buys a house without Henny. We would definitely recommend OH Property Group to our family and friends.

    2 September 2018 at 10:29 pm
  5. Diana

    We were recommended Henny through a friend who had heard great things about her and Oh Property Group and we couldn’t have been happier with the service they delivered. As we are expats it made the process of buying a house whilst living in another country a seamless experience. Henny made sure she was available to show me and my husband properties when we were both in Sydney on separate occasions and only for short periods of time.

    Henny and Olivier were very communicative and available to talk throughout the whole process and sent us mountains of photos and videos so we got a true sense of the properties. They understood our brief and also gave us honest opinions about properties we would send them. Henny could see the bigger picture and long term impacts of settling for the wrong property and could also give us perspective and vision on properties we wouldn’t have considered at first.

    Being able to hand over to someone else to do the negotiations, coordinate the pest and building inspection and work with the conveyancer saved us a lot of time and stress and in the end, a significant amount of money. We were also very impressed with the thorough property appraisals completed at the buying stage which gave us even more confidence in what we were purchasing.
    We ended up buying a property without seeing it in person as we were so sure of Henny and Oliver’s expertise, and we couldn’t be happier.

    24 June 2018 at 8:34 pm
  6. Kristina

    We started searching for a house in November 2017. We were essentially looking for more space. Henny’s reply to a NSM facebook post sparked our interest in the idea of engaging a buyer’s agent to help us. We could look at a house’s appearance and know if we liked it or not, but we had no idea what a house really was worth and how much we should pay for it. Henny and Oliver proved they could help with this, plus more.

    At the start of the process, we were indecisive about our exact needs, other than needing more space. Through Henny’s coaching we narrowed down three criteria, and Henny encouraged us to focus on this, rather than just to look at houses that “looked pretty”. Henny saved us a few times from buying properties that wouldn’t have met this criteria, that ultimately we would have been disappointed with. Making a large purchase such as this, means you really have to get it right!

    Henny introduced us to a suburb that we would never have thought, certainly not one we imagined we could afford to live in. When Henny suggested we look at a particular property, there were some hesitations. However we saw the house and fell in love with it. Henny was right – she knew the property was meant for us.

    Oliver proved to be a gun when it comes to negotiating. We were impressed with how cool and calm he was, going in for the ‘kill’. He successfully negotiated a fantastic price for us, which was less than we would have paid, had we negotiated on our own.

    Henny was incredibly organised and focused on details. She arranged everything for us, making the process so easy and less stressful. We had an easy means of communicating with her, and she would answer any questions we had. We felt comfortable with Henny, and knew she had our best interests always at the forefront. She advocated for us every single step of the way, including settlement day.

    The price we spent on this service paid for itself when we bought a property in a better suburb, for a better price, than we would have done on our own.

    We would definitely use this service again, if we look at buying another house, and would recommend OH Property Group to our family and friends.

    30 March 2018 at 12:10 am
  7. Mal

    When buying a property, everyone’s situation is different. In our case, we tried on our own for 12 months without success. And it wasn’t because we were time poor or the kids had too much sport on the weekend or we didn’t have the budget; it was because we didn’t know the market.

    Buying a property in today’s market is more than open homes and auctions. Henny, Oliver and Melinda know every street and every past sale – but surely, you say, anyone with internet access knows this too? What they also know is every selling agent, their background, their style and their exclusive off market listings, which gave us a tremendous advantage.

    When we decided to go with a buyers agent we thought the greatest benefit would be access to off market properties and while that was a definite plus, it wasn’t the one that really mattered in our case.

    Yes, it’s great to see properties before they are listed to the mass market but what we found more valuable was the dedication, commitment and hard work from Henny, Melinda and Oliver every single day.

    Who else can arrange building inspections in the evening for the next morning, tell a bargain from a lemon in one inspection, drive across Sydney to sign contracts during peak hour and reply to endless messages around the clock?

    But the greatest benefit and advantage of using OH Property Group is there is no BS. If you like rainbows and unicorns and live in a happy world where everything is perfect then maybe they are not the right buyers agents for you. They are excellent at taking the emotion out of the situation and give you open and honest feedback – that’s what we needed to make decisions in today’s property market.

    Now that we’ve bought we can be emotional. Buying a four bedroom house in the upper North shore within 400m of a very good school is just what we needed especially with our wonderful son starting school in January. Thank you Henny, Melinda and Oliver for making this happen!

    12 February 2018 at 11:09 pm
  8. Natasha

    We engaged OH Property Group for a Full Search in August 2017 and moved into our “forever” home in November 2017. Everyone we spoke to said the same thing, “Wow, that was fast!” Our secret weapon was Henny Stier.

    In August 2017, we moved back to Sydney having lived overseas for many years. We wanted to buy immediately to avoid renting. With two young kids, no focused search area and the usual low inventory in Winter, Saturdays soon became our least favourite day of the week.

    A family member suggested we think about a buyer’s agent. Although we stumbled upon OH Property Group by accident, from the very first phone call with Henny it was clear that she knew Sydney real estate and was extremely passionate about it.

    Within a couple of weeks of engaging OH Property Group, Henny had helped us narrow down our search area. Having been immersed in the market for so many years, Henny knew exactly which suburbs were realistic for our wish list and budget.

    Henny and the rest of the OH Property Group team visit hundreds of properties each week so Henny knew every single property that was on the market or coming to market in our search area! Even though I still obsessively checked the real estate sites each day, Henny was always one step ahead. Each week she would steer us towards the best properties available for our needs. As a result, there was much less time spent looking at unsuitable properties. This made the house hunting process less frustrating because it didn’t feel like we were wasting our time.

    When it came to acquiring our favourite property, Henny guided us through the inspection process and advised on the best action plan for securing it. There was no uncertainty about the best approach because of Henny and Oliver’s knowledge of the real estate market and the local agents. It felt like we had someone working for us on the inside.

    Henny is really personable and easy to talk to. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the local areas, the past and present property market, and network of selling agents is second to none. Throughout the entire process you feel like you have her undivided attention. Henny and the rest of the OH Property Group team work extremely hard to make sure that you end up with the best property possible for your wish list and budget.

    Although house hunting was still a tiring and emotional process, it became infinitely easier with Henny (and Oliver) on our side. Anytime we started to second-guess a decision, Henny would be there to keep us on track and moving forward. At the start of the house hunting process, it felt very indulgent having a buyer’s agent, but we don’t regret it for a second. We would not think twice about using OH Property Group again.

    12 February 2018 at 1:33 pm
  9. Felicity

    OH Property were invaluable to us in finding and purchasing our family home. Their expert and up-to-date knowledge of the market, combined with their ability to understand our needs was the perfect combination for success. Our time and emotional energy (which we’d rather spend on our toddler and baby) wasn’t wasted with houses that weren’t suitable for us, or ultimately (but not advertised as) out of our price range. We didn’t spend weekend after weekend traipsing through open homes with small children. We didn’t waste money on pest and building inspections for places we never had a chance at.

    When we decided to go for it, Henny took care of the strategy and negotiations, and there was no nonsense or mucking around. There was no distracting her from her goal! She was able to move far quicker than we ever could on our own to beat the competition and have our offer accepted. No doubt that without Henny we would have missed out, and the market moved so quickly we would have been priced out of our preferred location. Comparable properties in the area were selling in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars more only months later.

    We don’t buy property regularly, so it made sense to get an expert in to help us with the biggest financial decision we’ve made to date. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OH Property, and have had several friends use their services and also been very happy. Some might think buyer’s agents are only for the very wealthy – but it was a very wise investment for our young family.

    28 September 2017 at 3:33 pm

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