For responsive parents who don’t want a whiff of sleep training or to be told to ‘go with the flow’….I’m here for you.    Hi, I’m Annie.

This support is all about ditching the stress, frustration and the limiting one-size-fits-all approaches and grabbing your clarity, the calm and confidence of finding what works best for your family.  Rested children and families come in all shapes and sizes.  

I offer you evidence-based knowledge and a deep understanding of all of the influences on sleep rather than the ‘tip of the iceberg’ approach that sleep is just all about how your child falls asleep.  Sometimes it’s actually going to be nothing to do with how they are falling asleep.  A holistic view of sleep brings the greatest of transformations not just for sleep but also your journey supporting your child’s sleep.

Various services are offered from pregnancy to age 6, 1:1 services, the signature program which is the first of it’s kind in Australia as well as group events and education.  

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